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Steps for Buying Car Parts Online During COVID-19

CarPart  ·  October 21, 2020

Steps for Buying Car Parts Online During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought several changes in the motor vehicle industry. Lockdown measures have halted most businesses, including physical car part stores. This makes buying car parts during COVID-19 a bit of a challenge. Online stores and car part locator websites helped fill this void and disruption in the auto parts supply flow. 

Besides the ease and health-related perks, buying auto parts online has proved to offer a host of other advantages as well, especially if you get the right auto part finder platform. Here's a guide for you, a buyer, on how to go about purchasing car parts online. 

The COVID-19 Situation in Australia

It's essential to know the situation in your state with regards to COVID-19 restrictions because it will affect many aspects of your life. For the most part, it will have an impact on your movement and travels, including buying spare parts for your car. 

For example, Melbourne residents cannot drive from their homes to buy car parts. You can only travel a maximum of 25 km from your house to visit your intimate partner, refuel, exercise, work/study (must have a permit), caregiving, medical care, or grocery shopping. What does this mean to you if you’re buying car parts in Melbourne? It means that you should pick a seller who is able to deliver the parts to your doorstep.

Some states have closed their borders but do not have movement restrictions within their territories. This means you cannot source parts from dealers outside your state.

The upside is, in most states, car repair shops are open to residents. It's the reason continues to connect you with car parts sellers. For now, it’s best to avoid ordering car parts from a state with border movement restrictions.

What You Should Know When Buying Car Parts Online  

Because the online market is slightly different from the physical one, having hindsight of what to expect will save you time, money, and trouble along the way.

The most important thing is to find a reputable partner for your car needs. CarPart does one of several vital things that you should ideally do as a buyer – we verify our suppliers. Your only task is to know the car part you require, search our ads of car parts for sale or request us to find the auto part for you, get quotes from verified suppliers, and choose the best deal.

Buying online requires patience. The purchase is not complete until the order is processed. Institutions are careful to disinfect car parts as a precautionary measure to stop the spread of Coronavirus. In the light of the circumstances, you may notice some delays in order processing; it's understandable. So you may need to be patient, but most times, goods will arrive within a reasonable period.

Another concern you may have is how to get the best bargain. Generally, online purchases are cheaper, the reason being the minimised overhead costs, which reduces the supplier's spending and boils down to reduced selling prices. You can still bargain on e-market platforms. Use the old-school marketing technique of price matching to get the best deals.

Lastly, confirm that you are purchasing a genuine replacement. Great caution is required here. When purchasing from the usual auto spare shops, the chances of buying a fake are minimal. To be safe, enlist reputable auto parts dealers' services, look for marks showing genuineness, and verify with dealers (give them a call to confirm that what you need is what gets delivered).

Step by Step Procedure of Buying Car Parts Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here are simple steps to help you make an online purchase with minimal hassle.

Buying car parts from online stores

1. Visit the website: Search for the exact spare part you need. Before that, however, make sure that you have information like the car part number to avoid making the wrong purchase.

2. Aftermarket or OEM: You'll need to decide which option will be right for you. Then narrow down your search to either the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket auto part. 

3. Confirm the part: You may feel like you know your car well, which may be true. However, unless you are a mechanic, please consult before purchasing a replacement part. Furthermore, do not attempt to fix the spare part by yourself. You might damage it and miss out on the benefit of the warranty terms. 

4. Mode of payment: Choose a platform offering secure payment methods. 

5. Check on additional costs: Once you've found the spare part, scrutinise the total cost. Check shipping costs and other applicable charges. Faster delivery attracts additional charges. Patience will save you a few dollars.

Buying from online stores offer inexhaustible variety and allows you to be safe during this time when distancing is a must. However, it can take so much of your time due to the sheer choice they proffer to customers, including those that do not correspond to what you need. 

Buying from an auto parts finder website

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you received only offers that conformed to the exact specs of the auto part you’re looking for? This is the purpose for which was built. Here’s how it works:

1. Confirm the specs of the car part you need: Refer to your manual or your mechanic for the car part number, specs and other info.

2. Visit Go to the website’s Find-a-Part page and fill out the required details. You only need to provide this info once – definitely time-saving.

3. Wait for the sellers’ quotes: Vetted sellers who have the part you need will send you their most attractive offers. Choose the most favourable deal and agree on payment and delivery arrangements. 


For a smooth experience, you need a reputable car part website. That’s what is, plus more. It’s where you’ll find useful blogs to keep your car in tip-top shape during this crisis and updates to keep you in the know. Visit us now!

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