Tyre Rotation How Often


Sep 19th, 2019

Tyre Rotation How Often

Tyres require a rotation after every 15,000 or 20,000 kilometres (roughly six months), whichever comes first. However, manufacturers have their time frame for when tyre rotation is recommended. For example, for most Subaru models, the manufacturer recommends tyre rotation after 15,000 kilometres around seven and a half months (230 days), whichever comes first. Therefore, educating yourself with your manufacturers recommendations to determine when to rotate your tyres is highly recommended.

Signs You Need a Tyre Rotation
When experiencing any of the following issues, a tyre rotation could be an excellent little remedy.

Symptom 1 - Uneven Wear on the Tyres

If you notice that the front tyres are wearing far quicker than the rear ones, its time to perform a wheel rotation. In layman's terms, it means that the front tyres are becoming balder faster. If the tyres are still in roadworthy condition, then a simple rotation from front to back could get you a whole lot of extra months of out your wheels, but if they are beyond repair its recommended by us to replace them immediately, by no means is this a fix for bald tyres, but a simple way to get extra life out of tyres that are still in roadworthy condition - if you are unsure book your car in to a local mechanic immediately.

Symptom 2 - Loss of Tyre Pressure
Whenever you notice that one tyre is losing pressure slowly, it's an indication that this particular tyre is subjected to more weight than the others. By performing a tyre rotation you are somewhat sharing the load between the four tyres, if this doesn't fix the problem then book your car in for a inspection my a right away, as there could be things like internal damage to a rim or a valve, then its time to put away the DIY gloves and book it into your trusted mechanical workshop. Most current model vehicles have been fitted with tyre pressure sensors, so low tyre pressure is indicated to drivers via there instrument cluster (dash).

Symptom 3 - Vibration or Shimmying in Your Car
At a speed of 72 kilometres per hour (KPH) and higher, you may notice that your car is unusually vibration or shimmying. The vibration can be felt while gripping the steering wheel.  This is one sign of tyre wear and tear or even a wheel imbalance. If you can visually see some tyres are wearing through their tread faster, move the tyres to with the most tread to the heaviest part of the vehicle - this could be an antidote for the vibration.