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What Is Smash Repair and Who Are the Best Smash Repairers near me?

Mechanics and Auto Professionals  ·  August 12, 2021

What Is Smash Repair and Who Are the Best Smash Repairers near me?

Most car owners are familiar with the regular mechanic. That’s the go-to guy for a dead starter, alternator issues, radiator leaks, the list goes on. So, what’s a smash repairer? Hopefully, you won’t find any need for one. We’ll answer that after this more basic question. 

What is smash repair?

Smash repair is an umbrella term that describes the restoration of the body of a vehicle that has sustained damage from a collision or crash. Thus, the term ‘smash’ from smash-up or collision. The procedure mainly involves panel beating but may include chassis alignment and repair or replacement of structural parts.

Do the terms smash repair, crash repair, and panel beating mean the same thing?

The three different terms have only one purpose – to repair the body of a vehicle that had been in an accident. 

Smash repairers, also called crash repairers and panel beaters, are professionals who are skilled in restoring crashed vehicles to their original condition. The procedure can run into many stages, including replacement of damaged panels, spray painting, and correcting chassis alignment.

Is panel beating expensive?

It depends on the gravity of the crash and the extent of the damage. The bumpers (front or rear) and headlights are the most vulnerable parts of your car. Replacing them won't take a lot out of your pocket. Likewise, scratch and dent repairs won't cost so much. 

However, major works like a crumpled bonnet in head-on collisions can easily run to a few thousand dollars. Panel beating cost ranges from $200-$6000, and the great disparity depends on which parts need to be repaired or replaced. 

How is panel beating done?

Panel beating is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process that involves many stages. Let me take you through the steps of how it's done.

Shrinking/Stretching of the damaged panel

The first step is to heat the dented area with a blow torch and, once it's well heated, the panel beater hammers the metal slowly to stretch it back to shape. A shrink hammer is used to beat the metal panel, which is laid on a dolly to get the right shape. 


A special tool called the planishing hammer finely shapes and evens out the panel surface. This technique pushes out the damaged part of the metal against a shaping tool or a dolly.


Welding joins the pieces together. Panel beaters might employ arc welding or gas welding depending on the surface they are working on. Either way, a strong joint is created by melting the workpieces together. Once the welded joints are cooled, the excess materials are chipped away and polished.


Putty is used to fill small dents and holes to retain their original finish. The panel beaters will then smoothen the surface where the putty fillers were applied.


Sanding finely shapes and smoothens the surface to prepare it for spray painting. Changing the coarseness of the sanding pad at this stage can give a different texture. Sanding is done in two ways. The dry sanding method removes the previous paint coat, while the wet sanding procedure further smoothens and removes any debris from the surface.

After completing the panel beating, the car is spray-painted. The impact of a collision affects many parts, which require realignment. It is done by placing the vehicle on a hydraulic lift to correct the chassis and other parts that may have gone out of alignment. 

Who are the best smash repairers near me?

It depends on where you’re residing, but the five I’ve listed here are in the states of Victoria and New South Wales. If you’re looking for smash repairers in Perth, Adelaide, and other cities, you actually have a quick helper for finding professionals – CarPartAU’s automotive-dedicated directory. I’ll explain that in a minute.  

1. BIP Auto Spares and Smash Repairs

BIP Auto Spares provides smash repairing for all car makes and models. This car crash repair service in Melbourne has a team of experienced and skilled mechanics. They’re one of the best places to go whether it's a small dent or a job that requires complete restoration. Rest assured their facilities meet the repair standards of the Australian automotive industry.

You can confidently leave your smashed car with BIP and get it back on the agreed date. Their competitive pricing and use of advanced paint-matching technology give them the edge over their competitors. Their customer service is the best in class and very helpful especially when you want to check and track the work progress. 

For queries, you may get in touch with them using these contact details:

2. Parramatta Smash Repairs

Parramatta Smash Repairs is a family-owned business, with over 66 years of experience under their belt. Do you know that they offer a lifetime guarantee on their services? Yes, they do, and it’s their customer-friendly approaches that make them one of the largest and most sought-after smash repairers in Sydney. 

Their workshops are fully equipped to handle all repair jobs, from small dings to major structural damage. Using factory-approved aligning systems and welding equipment, they’ll get your car back to its original factory specs in no time. Here are their contact details.

3. Silverwater Smash Repairs

Here’s another family-owned smash repair business in the heart of Sydney. The Silverwater Smash Repairs began their operation 1959, establishing their brand of service in NSW. They also have repair sites at Guildford and Dural and have since grown into one of Australia's largest collision repair groups. 

They accept all car makes and models, and their technicians are highly skilled in planishing, metalworking techniques, welding, and hydraulic presses, so rest assured your vehicle will be in good hands.

4. Collision Repair Centre

Still in NSW, the smash repair Castle Hill team at Collision Repair Centre is next on my list. Trust its team of licensed technicians to capably handle large scale collision repairs. You can contact them through the details below.

5. Auto Body Smash Repairs 

Become one of the happy customers of Auto Body Smash Repairs, another family-owned/operated smash repair service in Brookvale in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Auto Body Smash Repairs restores all smashed vehicles and offers a lifetime warranty for their repair.

They specialise in insurance works and fleet repairs and are accredited by most vehicle manufacturers for repairing smashed vehicles. As a frequent partner of several insurance companies, this smash repairer has mastered the restoration of vehicles to their original factory specs and industry standards.

To do this, they use the latest repair technologies, such as the Car O Liner, a state-of-the-art vehicle aligning system. They also do inverter spot welding and MIG welding to work on aluminium and steel bodies. Contact them in this address, phone, and website.

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