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The Best Way to Sell Car Parts in Australia

Educational  ·  April 6, 2020

The Best Way to Sell Car Parts in Australia

Things have started to change dramatically in the auto industry. The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent imposition of lockdowns around the world have further intensified the situation. Problems from the supply end of the automotive industry have become more challenging with each passing day. Demand, too, has plummetted due to the new order of end-user priorities. 

Still, transportation remains one of the essentials during this time, and for this reason, cars will never be totally out of the roads. However, a lot of things have changed, and the industry will have to adapt to its changing ecology. 

Different Ways to Sell Car Parts

There are various ways to sell car parts, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

1-Traditional selling

The most common practice, whether you're selling new or old cars, is through a traditional sale. The auto parts dealers set up a physical shop where buyers can go to browse and shop for car components and accessories. 

Purchases from these shops are costlier because of overhead expenses, which are necessary for setting up and running the dealership. Wrecking yards also operate in the traditional way. They pull up usable parts from wrecked cars and put them up for sale. Most of these traditional sellers, though, have also branched out to online selling, while maintaining their physical stores at the same time.

2-Online selling

Long before the current pandemic situation, the emergence of the internet and eCommerce has already changed the way people bought their necessities and supplies. Buying and selling car parts in Australia, for instance, has become more convenient with the prevalence of online car parts dealerships.

Online selling of auto parts has evaded the market in much the same way that most products are now widely available through eCommerce marketplaces, like eBay and Amazon. These online auto part sellers sell through global marketplaces or standalone platforms. 

Best Way to Sell Car Parts in Australia

Undoubtedly, the best way to sell car parts is through an online platform. Not only is it the new way of doing things in Australia, the situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak has increased its importance all the more. You will enjoy the following benefits whether you’re planning on a one-off car sale or a longer-term business. 

1-Wider Customer Reach

Almost every adult in Australia has Internet access, and it’s safe to guess that half of that population do shopping online. Your online presence allows you to reach out to the world, without the geographic restrictions experienced by traditional sellers. Thus, you have a wider reach to your intended market than the typical brick-and-mortar seller. Moreover, your 24/7 hours shopping facility increases your accessibility to your customers.


It’s not only convenient for the buyers; it’s also convenient to you. Buyers can obtain the desired auto part from the comfort of their homes, while you can transact business with less pressure than a similar auto store that needs you to attend to walk-ins. 

3-Lower Costs 

You do not have to pay store personnel and office maintenance, and therefore, you will have lower overhead costs. With a lower operating cost, you can then offer car parts at competitive rates and gain more customers.

Selling Auto Parts through 

Selling car parts has never been easier. You don’t need to set up your own platform to sell online or worry about boosting traffic. With, the part you’re selling gets a wide viewership by the intended market right away. 

All you need to do is visit us at and fill up a quick sign up form to start selling auto parts effectively. You may then create and post ads for the parts you’re selling. If you’re a certified auto parts seller, you may apply to receive requests for parts sent by potential buyers through our car part finder

Creating and posting an ad

After registering on our online platform, look for that red ‘post an ad’ tab to open a fillable form. Type in the details, including the name of the part, price, car make and model, warranty of the vehicle part if available, condition, and a brief description of the car part. We recommend uploading a clear picture of that part through the “choose file” tab. 

Responding to customer’s request for parts

Certified auto parts sellers in our list will receive parts requests from potential buyers. They may then respond with their quoted price if they have the requested part, along with the warranties and shipping and refund policies.  

Apart from selling and buying car parts, you can find much more at, including updates about the auto industry, maintenance guides, and the latest events and shows.

By Ghazanfar 

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