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The Best Way to Sell Car Parts Online in Australia: Reach More Buyers with these Tools

CarPart  ·  July 1, 2020

The Best Way to Sell Car Parts Online in Australia: Reach More Buyers with these Tools

The Australian government insists that you "improve the way you run your business by creating effective processes, products, or ideas." And as one of the largest online automotive dealers in Australia, devised ways to make it easier for you to sell auto parts and reap the most from your sales.

Yes, that’s right – reap and keep the most from your sales. There are many platforms out there where you can sell used auto parts, but most of them will charge 10% of your sales, so you end up with minimal returns. CarPart, on the other hand, offers flexible fees and allows free car parts listing besides. 

Here's how the platform works: You post your ad, your prospective client sees it and contacts you directly, and you close the deal. Easy, right?

Why CarPart?

The site receives high traffic, and more and more Australians are warming up to it as the best car part sourcing website. We are customer-centric, and our clients appreciate that. We offer equal opportunities to sellers by allowing them to list auto parts free of charge. 

We also provide additional services like making your ad a "Top Ad" or placing it on our homepage gallery at affordable rates. Here are some tools you can use.

Advertising Tools

Henry Ford once said, "Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time." No matter how good your product is, your best bet of closing a sale is by advertising. As someone who does most shopping online, I will most likely buy products listed on the first page or those that frequently show up on my feed for two reasons.

1. I assume the first-page products are recommended by the site and are the best quality.

2. The more I see the product, the more it grows on me, so I buy it.

Many sellers will be opting for the free car part listing, that's for sure. If you want your ad to be drowned in the sea of over 6,000 ads, that’s fine. But if you want to up your game and get the most views from prospective buyers, you can check out some paid ads offered by Besides, paid advertising is an integral part of doing business, especially in a highly-competitive market.

You get to choose from the following ad tools at minimal fees and flexible terms:

Top Ad – Pay $6 for 7 days or $17.50 for 30 days. 

Your ad will appear at the top of the search results page whenever someone searches for an item with the relevant keyword. This is the perfect ad tool for high-volume or big-ticket items. 

Instant Bump Up – Pay $2. 

This ad tool gives your item a periodic boost as more and more items are listed on the website. It will position your ad just below the Top Ad but above the free listings. 

Urgent – Pay $2 for 7 days or $9.00 for 30 days.

The Urgent sticker works great with the Top Ad, especially when there are already several Top Ads competing for the topmost position. The Urgent feature will also make your ad stick out in the crowd and provide a sense of urgency to motivate a buyer to act fast.

Highlight – Pay $2 for 7 days or $9.00 for 30 days.

Highlight your ads by giving it a different background colour, calling attention to it. 

Homepage Gallery – Pay $7.99 for 7 days or $19.99 for 30 days.

Have your item or logo on the homepage as a Featured Ad. This premium tool will give your item maximum exposure. 

Be a Seller through the Request-a-Part Platform

Buying second-hand parts online is easy. Sometimes, however, the part a client is looking for may not be readily available. Most buyers will have an "available on order" option, but this limits their choice. 

CarPart has a solution for that – the request-a-part tool. A buyer fills out a request form to specify the auto part. The system then notifies the suppliers. Those who have the item in their stock may then contact the buyer with their best quotation and terms. 

The buyer chooses the seller with the most advantageous offer. Instead of getting stuck with limited options, buyers get access to multiple sellers at the same time. On the part of the sellers, they get to participate in a competitive and fair market. So, you see, it's marketplace that offers a win-win solution for both the supplier and the customer.


CarPart provides updated information on cars, DIY tips, motoring events and news, car reviews and many more. It is a website followed and trusted by many car owners and enthusiasts.

These are people who need car parts regularly; in other words, our audience comprises of people who can be your target market, too. With CarPart, you reach more potential buyers; so wait no more! Sign up here to start using our services!

By Eric Anyega

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