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Tips on Finding Performance Car Parts Online Australia

CarPart  ·  September 22, 2020

Tips on Finding Performance Car Parts Online Australia

Today, most people shop for services and goods on the internet. While it has proved to be effective, it is also easy ending up with a bad experience if you don't know where to look. This is especially true when searching for performance car parts online.

Over the last few years, shopping for auto parts online has become popular owing to its affordability and ease of comparing shops and sellers. Besides, internet DIYs and how-tos have encouraged car owners to be more hands-on in maintaining their vehicles. It has become possible for them to identify the specific parts they need and know how to buy the right ones.

What performance car parts mean

Finding performance parts for your car online is generally more challenging than searching for factory components and stock accessories. By 'performance parts,' we don't necessarily mean super-modified or highly-tweaked components.

These parts can be a simple as the original parts, with only a few adjustments that allow them to deliver the desired performance. 

Tips on finding the best performance car parts online

1. Identify the performance parts you need

You know best how you'd like your car to run, so you should know the parts you need. The availability of specific info and details about the performance part you’re looking for will make the search easier and lessen the need of going through tons of online catalogues. If you're not sure which ones fit your car best, you can consult a professional mechanic or car parts specialist.

2. Gather all the relevant information about your vehicle

Before shopping for performance parts, you need to prepare all relevant information about your vehicle. These details include the year of manufacture, make, model, and performance part type/number of your vehicle. Most online auto stores have a search function that will help you filter parts using the information above. You may also refer to your car's user manual to get this information. 

3. Carry out a research

The internet is flooded with online auto parts stores, and commonsense dictates that you should do due diligence. Filter through ratings and read reviews from previous customers. Examine their certifications, membership to organisations, and other instruments that vouch for their history and credibility. Vet each of your top candidates to find the best and most trustworthy. You can also use other metrics such as database size and inventory system used to determine the reliability of an online auto parts store.

4. Check warranty policies

Confirm that the online parts store you are interested in offers warranties on its performance parts as these warranties come in handy in some situations. These policies are crucial when you're shopping for performance parts in any online auto shop. They guarantee the quality of the parts you buy and the extent of the store’s aftersales services.  

A good example is when you wish to return defective performance parts or those damaged in transit. Thus, it is wise to go through the policies and take note of details like the type of warranty offered, warranty period, factors covered under warranty, return/refund provisions, and other terms and conditions.

5. Find out about its customer service

Good customer service is non-negotiable when it comes to choosing where to buy your performance parts from on the internet. You want an online auto shop with a responsive customer care team, adequate customer support resources, and, most importantly, knowledgeable personnel.

There should be at least two methods to contact the auto parts store, for when you have any questions or complaints. Excellent customer support services will put you at ease, knowing you always have an expert to reach out to when you encounter problems with the online purchase.

Where to find quality performance auto parts

We understand that not every car owner has the budget for expensive performance parts. While some people may be comfortable forking out money for performance parts, others prefer getting the best deals and value for their money. This means knowing the right places to shop on the internet to avoid breaking the bank.

Below are some places you to consider if you're after affordable but quality performance car parts.

1. Online auctions

You will be amazed at how many affordable performance parts you'll find in local Australian online auction sites. You can get high-quality performance auto parts from online auctions, mainly those focusing on aftermarket car parts.

2. Australian auto parts online forums

Online forums are some of the best places to search affordable performance parts from because they have a platform where car enthusiasts discuss common interests. 

Forum members can also give you leads on where to get the parts you're looking for at a reasonable price. Some online forums have sellers that advertise their products, and you might be in luck to find the exact performance parts you need.

3. Online parts store

Many online parts stores can help you get the performance parts you need. Some online suppliers also buy performance parts directly from car manufacturers or import the parts from sellers overseas. These suppliers stock a wide range of performance parts and make things easier and cheaper for you since you don't have to import the parts on your own.

But which online parts stores? The best way to get to them would be to use our car parts finder tool. Specify the performance part you need, and this tool will help you locate the sellers who have it.

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