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Top 10 Auto Recyclers in Darwin NT

CarPart  ·  November 19, 2020

Top 10 Auto Recyclers in Darwin NT

How would it feel to be without your car for over a month? If you have to think before answering that question, chances are you've never gone that long without a car before. And hopefully, you won't have to. That's why auto recyclers exist. You can quickly call them when your car is in trouble, and they'll come running to your rescue. If you live in the Northern Territory and would like to know the top 10 auto recyclers in Darwin, you just found the right place.

The list below was compiled based on popular client reviews.

1. City Wreckers

Located in the small suburban town of Winnellie, City Wreckers is one of the auto recyclers in Darwin that you should check out. They sell spare parts and vehicles and specialise in truck towing. This company has been in existence since 1964, making it a veteran in the automotive scene. We can safely say that they know their beans.

City Wreckers is also well known for their efficiency and professionalism. Their past customers can't stop raving about how prompt they are when clients call. Much more impressive is the fact that their services are available all round the clock. 

Contact info

       Phone number: 08 8947 1155

       Address: 32 Coonawarra Rd Winnellie NT 0820

       Email: 

2. J.A.M Auto Parts 

If you're looking for a large supplier of car parts in Darwin for various car models, J.A.M Auto Parts may just be the place for you. It doesn't matter whether your car is new or used; there's a big chance that with these guys, you'll find what you need. Panel lights, gearboxes, headlights, and a slew of motor parts are available and stocked in their warehouses, ready for buyers’ orders.

Because this shop has friendly and professional staff, customers are satisfied and happy with the service they get. They also offer expert advice on automobiles, which is a plus if you need that kind of assistance.

Contact info

       Phone number: 08 8947 0623

       Address: 31 Jessie Crs Berrimah NT 0828

       Email: 

3. Toylex R Us 

At Toylex R Us, what you'll find are used but high-quality parts for Lexus and Toyota vehicles. This company was birthed in 2004 with the vision of providing premium-quality secondhand parts for late to current models of Toyota cars. From what we’ve read from customer reviews, they're doing an excellent job in attaining their goals. It's impressive that this automobile company delivers nationwide, and you can shop online for their products from anywhere. 

Contact Info

       Phone number:      (03) 9315-1500

       Address: 100 Castro Way Derrimut 3026

       Email: 

4. Caloundra Wreckers

Check out Caloundra Wreckers Darwin, one of the highly recognised auto recyclers in Darwin. They specialise in providing parts for vans, cars, utes, and other vehicles, even those as old as 20 years. If you need help with anything that has to do with air conditioning, airbags, alternators, audio and badges to batteries, bearings, belts, body panels and bolts, you should definitely try them. 

One great thing about Caloundra Wreckers is that they offer a warranty. Plus, they've been around for up to 20 years now—little wonder why customers are singing praises about their service delivery. 

Contact Info

       Phone number: 1300409772

       Address: 11 Lynne St Caloundra & 690 Kent St Maryborough

5. City Dismantlers

City Dismantlers can come to your rescue when all else fails. They've been doing it for 40 years now. These guys have an up-to-date machinery shop and only use the most current technology to get their clients' cars ready for the road again. They also have a team that helps the client solve all manner of automobile problem, whether it is honing, head resurfacing, crank grinding, engine balancing, or aluminium welding. 

Contact info

       Phone: 1800062084

       Address: Darwin City NT 0800

6. Atlas Auto Spares

This is yet another car dismantler and recycler located in Winnellie, Darwin. They, too, focus on providing car parts in Darwin for specific car brands, namely, Toyota, Ford, and Holden. In addition to selling auto parts, Atlas Auto Spares also offers wrecking services for cars that are destroyed beyond repair. Past clients say Atlas Auto gets the job done satisfactorily. Worth pointing out too is that their services and car parts are reasonably priced.

Contact Info

       Phone number: 08 8984 3640

       Address: 18 Farrell Crescent, Winnellie NT, 0820

       Email:

7. Autobarn

Established in 1985, Autobarn has evolved so much that it is now amongst the biggest franchise retailers of automotive aftermarket accessories in Australia. They specialise in spare parts, car audio, and security systems. Autobarn also provides car care services, including painting and repairing. They have stores all over Australia, with one located in the Northern Territory. 

Contact info

       Phone number 08 8901 3100

       Address: 2/287 Bagot Rd Coconut Grove NT 0810

8. Repco Auto Parts

Repco Auto Parts store is conveniently situated on Stuart Highway, Darwin. Their car services cut across car servicing for all vehicle makes and models. They have qualified mechanics who can handle a vast range of automobile services. Crash repairs, mobile repairs, diesel repairs, and engine reconditioning are only a few. 

Contact info

       Phone number: 0889819191

       Address: Unit 2/35 Stuart Highway Stuart Park NT 0820

       Email: 

9. ACR Parts

Founded in 2015, ACR Parts is the youngest of the auto recyclers in Darwin. Nevertheless, they're doing well enough to make this list. ACR Parts excels when it comes to panel beating, electrical and mechanical repairs, car restoration, painting, wrecking cars, authorised inspection, and transporting cars. If any of these services looks like something you may need, check them out. 

They trade both nationally and internationally. Their staff members are courteous and well-trained and, therefore, provide satisfactory services to clients.

Contact Info

       Phone: +61 8 8900 9351

       Address: 59 Pruen Road, Berrimah

       Email: 

10. Darwin 4x4 Centre 

This auto recycling company stands out for offering full 4WD repair and maintenance services to all 4×4 makes and models. Visit Darwin 4x4’s workshop to access a wide range of car parts (both new and used). They can also recondition and fit parts for you. This auto recycler also offers a 2-year warranty on all new RAW 4X4 suspension. They are honest and dependable and can be trusted to give you just what you need.

Contact Info

       Phone Number: 0889844804

       Address: 141 Coonawarra Road, Winnellie NT 0820


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By Damilare Olasinde

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