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Top 10 Wrecking Yards Sydney NSW

CarPart  ·  March 9, 2022

Top 10 Wrecking Yards Sydney NSW

Auto parts recycling is a thriving business for car wrecking yards in Sydney, so if you’re searching Google for 'second hand car parts Sydney' and 'wreckers near me', or you’re selling an old car, you’re in luck!

We have picked our top 10 wrecking yards in Sydney, and we’re sharing with you our list below.

Top 10 Car Recyclers & Wrecking Yards in Sydney

Here are 10 car recyclers in NSW Australia that you can check out if your car has reached the end of its usable life, and you want to recycle it.

1. Master Cash for Cars Auto Wreckers NSW

Master Cash for Cars is one of the top wrecking yards Sydney has to offer, and it deals with all makes and models. They offer excellent value for your unusable vehicle and pay instant cash. Trust them to give you the best deal for an unwanted car, including unregistered vehicles, and take out that old heap wherever it is located in NSW – for free!

2. National Auto Dismantlers NSW Wreckers

This Smithfield wreckers sells high-quality secondhand auto parts through their eBay store. If you’re selling your dad’s old car (with his permission, of course), dial the number above, and their friendly car-removal crew will be right at your door fast and quick.

They dismantle Japanese and European cars, so you don’t need to search so hard for specialist ‘Japanese car wreckers Sydney’ or ‘Mazda wreckers Sydney’ especially if your car is from the model year 2000 or more recent. 

If you’re a car parts buyer, you’ll be happy to know that they offer a 3-month warranty (with optional 6-12 months extended warranty) on all the parts you buy from them.

3. Sell My Car Sydney

Sell My Car Sydney is one of the reputed names in the auto recycling industry in Sydney. It buys unused cars of all brands, models, and ages. If you want to sell your old and unwanted vehicle, you can expect a reasonable price from this buyer. 

You may visit the yard 8 AM to 5 PM or get a free non-obligatory quote of your vehicle through phone. They have twelve service points in Sydney. Car removal is free, and they’ll pay you instantly!

4. Sydney Car Recyclers

Sydney Car Recyclers buys all kinds of vehicles like cars, vans, SUVs, 4WD, and others. It offers same-day removal and accepts wrecked cars at competitive rates. Just call their number and worry no more about paperwork, removal fees, or repairs. 

If you’re from an interior location and having second thoughts that they’ll not remove your car, banish your hesitations, and just ring their number. They’ll be at your door faster than you think.

5. NSW Wreckers

NSW wreckers is a fully licensed auto wreckers, and you’ll have peace of mind dealing with them. They will make it easy and safe for you to turn your dilapidated car to cash fast. You’ll receive your cash the same day they get your car. Whether you’re disposing of a damaged truck, a 4x4 that’s not running, or a non-roadworthy old model, they’re one of the best people to call! 

The company has 10 offices across the country to facilitate transactions with customers in different locations. 

6. Sydney Car Buyer

If you wish to sell an old, used vehicle – even if it’s unregistered, damaged, written off, or any condition – this Sydney wreckers will buy any type. Cars, trucks, vans, utes, 4WDs, SUVs, and even buses, name it and they’ll take it. Better yet, call their number and a car removal specialist will be right there for you.

You’ll find NSW wreckers who will buy any make, model, age, and type of vehicle, but probably not ‘any condition’. Car removal is also free whatever suburb in Sydney your vehicle is located.

7. Sydney Auto Dismantlers

Here’s another company that accepts all kinds of vehicles - unwanted, junk, wrecked by an accident, scrap, old, used, dead, or running. They one of the best Japanese car wreckers Sydney has. They offer same-day cash payment to customers and can send their agents to your location from anywhere in NSW. 

8. CarTakeBack Scrap Car Recycling

They’ll all over Australia, with wreckers in 6 states and territories, including NSW, and scrap facilities in Blacktown, Fairfield East, Milperra, Newcastle, and Sydney. 

CarTakeBack Scrap Car Recycling is one of the best choices when you’re located in NSW. The company will tell you the value of your car right after you give them the details of your vehicle. It provides free junk car collection services. 

If you’re from Lalor Park, Amdell Park, Marayong, Liverpool, Punchbowl, and Wetherill, the Yennora branch is the nearest CarTakeBack to you. Check they’re website if you’re from other areas or call their hotline.  

9. My Car Choice Sydney Wreckers

If you want to sell your old and unwanted vehicle with the least effort and maximum output, then MyCarChoice Car Wreckers Sydney is your best bet. It accepts cars of all brands, including 4X4 vehicles, and get the best price by presenting your service book and registration certificate. 

The company provides free instant online valuation through its website or hotline, and car removal is free of cost within Sydney.

10. SydWreck Car Wreckers Sydney

SydWreck is one of the oldest and most reputed companies in NSW. It offers cash for cars up to $13,999. They’ll take your call any time of day and buy all kinds of vehicle anywhere in Sydney. 

The company wrecks an average of fifty vehicles in its yard daily. It collects scraps from registered/unregistered, old vehicles and buys used cars of any brand, model, and age at the best price.

Visit their website and get a free quote for your car.

Benefits of Car Recycling

Car recycling is beneficial to people, economy, and environment, so the boom in the car wrecking industry is not surprising. Here are just a few of the benefits that we gain from recycling car parts from old vehicles.

1. Cost Effective

Recycling the steel obtained from millions of unusable vehicles is sufficient to build new cars. Recycled steel allows manufacturers to save on the energy and resources needed to make new cars. 

Around 25% of the steel used to make new cars in Australia come from recycled steel obtained from salvage yards.

2. Environment Friendly

The energy saved in steel and parts recycling is sufficient to supply power to more than millions of houses annually. Recycling 1 ton of steel saves about 2500 pounds iron, 1300 pounds coal, and 119 pounds limestone. 

This does not yet include the resources saved from producing new car parts. It is worth mentioning that steel recycling is environment-friendly only if done by a professional auto recycler. 

3. Reduces Impact and Contribution to Landfills

Last but not least, recycling vehicles will help reduce the heap that goes into landfills, not to mention the toxic fluids contained in cars.

The Car Recycling Process

Why do you need professional recyclers? As we’ve mentioned earlier, for recycling to be truly environment-friendly, it must be done by a pro. Here’s what your car goes through after you take your car to them.

1. Thorough Inspection

Auto recyclers inspect the vehicle in detail to assess its value. The cars can either be repaired or its parts recycled, depending on which path the yard deems more profitable. Around 90% of vehicles in salvage yards are dismantled and recycled.

2. Dismantling

After determining that the vehicle is beyond repair, auto recyclers drain all fluids and dismantle the cars. All auto parts, including the engine, transmission, tyres, batteries, and windscreen, are removed, and cleaned for reselling or recycling. Some fluids are reused after filtration, while the rest are safely disposed of. 

3. Selling Auto Parts

Some car parts are reusable after recovery. Auto recyclers sell these reusable parts to car part dealers or directly to car owners looking for used parts as a replacement to worn-out parts in their vehicles. 

4. Crushing

After recovering reusable and recyclable parts, the remaining body of the car is crushed. Usually, the vehicle’s collection consists of plastic and some metals. Crushing and shredding these components makes it easy to store and dispose of the waste.


So, you see, car recycling is a serious business. It involves hard work, special skills, and knowledge of environmentally-safe methods of car parts recycling and disposal. 

Supporting them also means supporting the environment. So, the next time you need parts, check out these dedicated fellas. You may type their names on the search bar in CarpartAU’s directory to get their number and other contact details. 

By Ghazanfar

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