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Top 7 Online Stores for Second Hand Car Parts in Melbourne

CarPart  ·  May 1, 2020

Top 7 Online Stores for Second Hand Car Parts in Melbourne

While the coronavirus outbreak has slowed down the use of vehicles, online sale of used auto parts continues to thrive. Car owners have more time to mind their vehicles and tinker with them to make sure they’re prepared for emergencies and ready for the easing down of travel restrictions. With lockdowns being implemented in most regions, online selling has understandably increased, auto parts and supplies included. 

Car owners have the choice of replacing damaged parts with either new or used parts, but with the disruption in global supply chains, the demand has shifted to used car parts. Australia’s auto recycling industry is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts, helping millions of motorists on the road by providing cost-effective used car parts.

Melbourne’s Top 7 Online Suppliers for Second Hand Car Parts

Melbourne has a long list of second-hand car part sellers, operating either online or offline, or both. Here are the city’s top seven online stores for used car parts:

1-City Wreckers Melbourne

City Wreckers Melbourne is one of the top suppliers for both new and recycled car parts. The seller keeps a large inventory of used parts for almost every make and model and puts them up at a reasonable price. You can visit their official website and search for the required part. 

An experienced team of technicians sorts out all reusable parts before wrecking a vehicle to ensure high quality in the harvested pieces. If you're on the fence about a particular part, their tech people are ready to help you. You can seek advice regarding your required part through their contact details below.

Phone: (03) 9315 4000, 0478 521 100



2-Toyrolla Spares

If you want to buy quality used parts with a warranty, Toyrolla Spares should be among your premium choices. It offers used parts for all Toyota models. They have a strict testing procedure, which all used parts go through before being listing. Toyrolla offers delivery all around the world for the thousands of used parts they have in stock. You can contact them through email and phone:

Phone: (03) 9401 4366, (03) 9401 3918



3-Ayazi Auto Parts

Ayazi Auto Parts is another reliable seller of used auto parts in Melbourne. They sell cleaned and tested used parts, and the company has built an excellent reputation because of this. They also offer technical assistance to customers in selecting the right second-hand car part for their vehicle. Below are their contact details.

Phone: (03) 9359 0071



4-Grant Walker Parts

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, GWP has become a certified auto part dealer. They have a team of dedicated professionals who are always ready to help you. They offer a broad range of second-hand car parts at a competitive price. Buying used car parts online is quick with their “find a part” function on their website. The company is working under global NSF certification to ensure the steady supply of quality-tested parts to the public. They also offer home delivery all around the country. Here is their contact information:

Phone: (03) 9762 7233




WreckZone sells almost-new parts with guaranteed performance for Asian, European, and American car models. The company offers a warranty on almost all items in their inventory. They also provide professional assistance in selecting parts if you’re not confident about finding one yourself. Give them a call or send them an email through:

Phone: (04) 1072 6726, (04) 4922 2425



6-Wreckers R Us

They are Melbourne based team of friendly and dedicated professionals that offer used auto parts at cheap rates. The company repairs and repurposes the old parts for a replacement to the damaged parts. Professionals at Wreckers r us ensure the delivery of quality auto parts for optimal performance of your vehicle. They assist customers in comparing their options and arrive at the right decision. The company offers second-hand parts for all make and models. You may call them or visit their website:

Phone: 1800 172 787



If you want to buy used parts under warranty, ProWreck should always be your premium choice because they offer a 6-month warranty on all used car parts. This seller offers second-hand car parts for all the top brands selling in Australia and used parts for 4X4. The have highly-trained professionals to ensure fast and effective service. The contact details of the seller are:

Phone: (03) 9791 4799


Finding Contact Details of Sellers 

If you have a seller in mind, maybe a friend or family referred one to you but forgot to give you the contact details,’s directory would come handy.

What you need to do is visit our website, click on ‘Directory’ to locate a seller or automotive professional. If you don’t remember the full name of the store or shop – no big deal! 

For example, if all that you could remember was the word ‘walker’ but could not recall the seller Grant Walker Parts’ full business name, you only had to type ‘walker’ on the search bar. In seconds, all auto establishments with the word ‘walker’ in the their name would be shown. Trying that now, Grant Walker Parts shows in first!

The details that our Directory provides include the name, phone, email, website, and even links to the business's FB, IG, and eBay store, if available.

Benefits of Using Second-hand Car Parts

Buying used auto parts has many advantages, some of which are:


The price of used auto parts are significantly lower than new car parts. If you own an old vehicle, buying used replacement parts would be a very sound decision. Second-hand replacement auto parts, if purchased from a reliable dealer, would outperform new parts in many cases.

2-Professionally Refurbished

Most used parts dealers tune up the parts before selling them. While refurbishing increases the cost of secondhand auto parts, they are still reasonably cheaper than new ones.

3-Eco Friendly

Another benefit of buying used car parts is that these are eco-friendly options. The manufacturers do not need to mine new steel to make new parts. It saves not only natural resources but also reduces the energy required to produce new parts. Mining and manufacturing processes pollute the environment, so supporting the used parts industry also helps the environment. 

4-OEM Standards

Majority of used car parts fulfil OEM standards because they are original components removed from retired vehicles. The quality of these parts is almost always superior to those made by third-party manufacturers. 


Second-hand car parts are readily available for all makes and models across Australia, and most auto recyclers, junk yards, and auto auctions are now accessible online. As sellers abound in the internet, however, it is important to proceed with caution. Remember only to deal with reputable sellers. At Carpart, we have a tool that will help you immensely. The request-a-part tool is an easy way to find a car part. If you haven’t tried it yet, today would be a good day to start. The best thing about this auto parts finding tool? It’s free!

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