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Top Selling Car Parts and Accessories in Australia

CarPart  ·  November 10, 2020

Top Selling Car Parts and Accessories in Australia

Are you looking to sell car parts in Australia? Whether you’re offloading parts you no longer need, or you’re trying to sell parts as a side-hustle, you have to do a bit of research to understand what parts Aussies buy. Otherwise, you could end up scratching your head wondering why nobody’s buying the spare parts you’ve put up for sale. 

In this article, we’re going to explore the idea of selling car parts and accessories in Australia. First, we’ll briefly explore the reasons why people sell car parts, to begin with. Then, we’ll look at a few of the top-selling car parts and accessories in the country, before sharing the best places you can buy and sell auto parts.

Why do people buy or sell auto parts?

Let’s start by exploring the ‘Why’ of buying and selling auto parts.


What’s the point in buying car parts yourself, when you can leave it up to your mechanic to source it for you? Well, many car owners do entrust that responsibility to their preferred workshops to handle on their behalf. Still, some car owners love taking matters into their own hands. So, they go parts shopping either online or by visiting their local auto parts supplier. For car owners like these, they prefer the excitement and satisfaction of doing everything themselves, from buying the parts to installing them on their own.


People generally sell car parts for one of two reasons. Either they’re selling parts that they no longer need, or they’re looking to make some money by trading car parts. Many people around the world make money by purchasing car parts from a cheaper source and then flipping it for a higher price elsewhere, which is a process called ‘arbitrage’.

Whatever the reason for buying or selling, it’s essential to understand what car parts and accessories sell the most in Australia. That way, buyers will know what parts are typically safer to buy themselves, while sellers can satisfy demands for certain types of auto parts.

What car parts sell the most?

Generally speaking, you and I can order any imaginable car part or accessory online and have it delivered to our front doors. That’s right! There is absolutely nothing stopping you from keying in your credit card and ordering a brand new engine right now.

So, why do some car parts sell more than others? Well, apparently, people tend to buy car parts and accessories that are easy enough for them to install on their own. These include the following:

1. Dashcams

Dashcams are the perfect example of ‘plug-and-play’ car accessories. People invest in them for protection so that they can record every second of their drive. They’re super easy to install; all you have to do is stick the camera on the windscreen with an adhesive tape and plug it into the car lighter socket. What can possibly be easier than that?

2. GPS trackers

Concerned parents and worried car owners alike also love buying GPS trackers to protect their vehicles. These days, spies aren’t the only ones who can afford them. They come cheap, and their ‘installation’ consists of nothing more than finding a good place to hide them in the vehicle.

3. Seat covers, rugs, and other interior accessories

The easiest way to pimp up your ride is to buy some lovely seat covers, rugs, and interior decorations. These accessories are so easy to put in; you don’t even need a manual.

4. Car batteries and accessories

Car batteries are a hot-selling item for obvious reasons; everyone needs to change their batteries eventually. But more important than that is the rise of accessories like car battery chargers. People are buying up more of them, probably to keep their batteries running so they don’t get stuck with a dead battery.

5. Headlights and taillights 

Nobody likes a broken head or taillight. 

And knowing how much it'll cost to have them replaced at a workshop, most car owners prefer to buy replacement lights and do the task of installing the parts themselves at home. After all, it only takes watching a Youtube video or two to figure out how to get the job done.

When it comes to more advanced car owners, they’ll probably feel much more comfortable buying parts that require more expertise to set up. They might be fixing, upgrading, or building cars in their garages using parts like:

1. Engines

2. Radiators

3. Cylinder heads

4. Shock absorbers

5. Sophisticated electronics like performance chips

There’s no overstating the importance of engines, radiators, cylinder heads and shock absorbers; if you’re building a car, these are the essential parts you’ll need. We all know about these main auto parts; if not, you may browse our many articles about them.

But you’ve likely heard of a car guy or two who loves tweaking the electronic systems of their vehicles to make them go faster. Quite often, these specialised electronic parts aren’t available at regular car parts sellers, so people will have to buy them online from faraway places.

Where can I sell my used auto parts?

There are plenty of places you can sell your used auto parts in Australia. The first place to start would be in your local area. You could sell it to a parts seller that buys up used car parts. As an alternative, you could also approach local car wreckers, instead. They’ll buy your vehicle in its entirety and give you quick cash, right before they dismantle the car and sell off its parts and accessories individually.

Of course, it would be much more useful to sell your car parts online. Websites like are a great place to put up a listing for used car parts and reach buyers from all over Australia.

Selling on is easy. All you have to do is list the parts or accessories you’d like to sell, upload several pictures, and include as many details as possible. Be sure to include information regarding its usage and mileage, especially if it/s a mechanical part. That’s the kind of info that potential buyers need.

Once the listing is up, it shouldn’t be long before you start getting inquiries and offers to buy that part off of you!

By Ray Hasbollah

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