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Top Tips on Buying Quality Second Hand Car Parts in Brisbane

CarPart  ·  April 8, 2020

Top Tips on Buying Quality Second Hand Car Parts in Brisbane

Replacing some parts of your car is something you can’t avoid forever. Sooner or later a part will fail, and you will be in a situation where you need to look for a few car parts. One cost-effective option is to buy from sellers of second hand car parts in Brisbane.

Some people associate used car parts with inferiority, and this is not necessarily the case. There is no shortage of second hand car parts In Brisbane, and you can start looking at auto part stores, wreckers, and even car dealers.

Alternatively, you can take the hunt online and secure good deals from trusted car part dealers because they have now migrate online. However, it is not only where you get the parts that matter. How you shop for them makes a difference, too. In this article, we’ll show you some of the things to remember when buying used car parts

Research Where You Can Buy Second Hand Car Parts in Brisbane

Always take some time to research possible sources of second hand auto parts locally. The place you choose should be trustworthy and reliable. You can get reviews of the sites on the internet from those who have visited the place before. You may also read our guide to buying car parts online as a backgrounder.

It is recommended to do some price-comparison as well. More often than not, local stores offer the best deals, so you might want to consider them first. Check out these suppliers of second hand car parts in Brisbane: Total Parts Plus, Right Spares, and Car Wreckers Brisbane.

Verify the Exact ID of the Part

Now that you have a place mind, the next step is to purchase the part(s) you need. If you are going to make an order, be specific about the car part you want. Do not leave out any details; otherwise, you may get a delivery of a piece that doesn't fit your car. It is even better if you have the part number on top of the model of your vehicle.

You can match the parts (your old part and replacement part) using your car's VIN. If you can’t identify it, take that part with you to the auto shop/dealer, if possible.

Inquire about the History of the Used Auto Parts

It's not uncommon to hear about buyers getting parts that look perfect on the exterior only to find them defective inside. What this is telling you is that you need to find out about the history of the car part you are buying. Ask the seller/dealer about details and check vehicle history websites using the VIN. Make sure you know about the car's mileage and verify it. 

Read the Store Policies Well

Just because you are getting used items doesn't mean you can't get a warranty on them. Before closing a deal, ask about the store's return policy as well as the terms and conditions that apply. If you are getting the used car parts online, watch out for any catch on the terms and policies. Auto wreckers often allow for an extension of warranties on car parts.

With the policies, you will be guided on what to do in case the part doesn’t work on your car. Avoid purchasing parts from a dealer or seller that doesn’t have a return/warranty policy. Note that some sellers might have a policy that only covers a small period like 30 days. Also, others might have a high restocking fee is you buy the wrong part. 

Avoid Style Clashing

The part you are purchasing should match your car's colour and appearance; otherwise, it would be an eyesore. In extreme cases, the difference in style may affect the part's functionality, such as the case with bumpers. 

If you can't find a precise match for the car part you're replacing, you can get one that fits and works then have some work done on it. You can paint it to match your car if the colour is an issue, such as the case for exterior parts. 

Master the Art of Buying Car Parts

Ask around, and you’ll find out that majority of the people who decide to purchase used car parts do so because of budget constraints. While there's nothing wrong with that, you have to know that some parts are better replaced with brand new parts. 

You need to learn to differentiate genuine parts from fake ones. Botched or misplaced logos and misprinted words easily give away these counterfeits. You can ask an expert to accompany you, especially if you are not very familiar with car parts or it is your first time. 

Wrap Up

There is no point in paying hefty prices for new car parts when secondhand car parts can work just fine. Not only do used car parts save you time and money but there are many cases when they are as good as new replacement parts or even better. Luckily, you have plenty of options to get second hand car parts in Brisbane. You only have to be careful that the specific part you get is in good condition. 

If you can't locate a shop or wrecker to get the parts you need locally, no need to worry. There's a tool you can use - our smart auto parts finder tool. We will send your parts request to suppliers located in Brisbane and nationwide, and those who have the part will respond to your with their quote.

By Sam O.

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