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Toyota bz4X

Carpedia  ·  February 14, 2023

Toyota bz4X

Toyota is a pioneer and has been an industry leader in hybrid technology for over two decades. Still, the Japanese manufacturer took a long time before producing fully electrified vehicles. 

While companies like Nissan and Tesla have been in this business for more than a decade, Toyota just recently released its first all-electric vehicle, called the bz4X.

So far, this all-electric crossover has been released in North America, Europe and Japan. Plans are underway to send it Down Under, and from what we’ve heard, the Toyota bz4X Australia release date will be summer this year. Currently, the officials are still quiet about details for the Australian market, but we will help you get acquainted with this model before it becomes available.

Toyota bz4X Design

After several concept vehicles presented in 2019 and 2020, Toyota finally came up with the prototype of the Toyota bz4X in 2021. A year later, production started, and the Toyota bz4X was already sold in the markets mentioned above. 

It is the first of six all-electric vehicles Toyota plans to introduce before 2025. It's good to know that the vehicle was co-developed with Subaru, which came up with Solterra, a model that shares most of the parts with the bz4x except for some minor aesthetic distinctions.

The Toyota bz4X is designed as a compact SUV, which seems logical if we consider this the most popular car segment today. The overall size and proportions are similar to the RAV4, though the wheelbase is significantly lower and pretty much the same as what you’ll see on the new Land Cruiser 300.

The new all-electric model is built over the company's new e-TNGA platform, derived from the classic TNGA platform underpinning almost all internal-combustion models in the lineup. Of course, the critical difference is in the drivetrain, which is designed by BluE Nexus, a joint venture of Toyota and its subsidiaries Aisin and Denso. 


As we've just mentioned, the bz4X competes in the compact SUV class, with dimensions similar to the company's best-seller, RAV4. The overall length reaches 4690mm, with a width of 1850mm and height of 1650mm. The kerb weight goes from 1920kg to 2020kg depending on the configuration.

Although the overall size is similar to the RAV4, the wheelbase is significantly longer at about 2850mm. This brings clear improvements in passenger space and leaves more room under the floor for the battery.

While all these measurements seem typical for the class, this SUV has one significant advantage over the other models. It features much more than what a typical all-electric crossover does.

Toyota bz4X Dimensions

Battery, Drivetrain, Range, Performance

As we’ve just mentioned, the recently formed BluE Nexus had the task of integrating key components of the electric setup, such as electric motors, gears, and inverter. The company came up with a system called e-Axle, with two configurations being offered.

Base models come with a single electric motor codenamed 1XM, which is good for about 150kW. On the other hand, there is also a dual-motor setup, with one electric motor on each axle. This version is powered by a couple of smaller motors, both with 80kW of output, so the max power isn’t significantly higher compared to the FWD model. 

It goes around 160kW. Still, this version offers significantly better grip, and it’s good to know that Subaru took care of the all-wheel drive system, which is why we can’t wait to see how this version performs.

With the base setup, the bz4X can hit 100 km/h in about 7.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the AWD version with the stronger grip offers notably better acceleration and needs around 6.9 seconds to complete the 0-100km/h sprint.

The battery is another very interesting aspect of this crossover. Namely, the SUV uses different batteries depending on the drivetrain setup. FWD models use a battery provided by Panasonic, with a capacity of 71.4 kWh. 

On the other hand, CATL is responsible for the AWD’s battery, which is good for 72.8 kWh. Both batteries feature 355-volt technology but different charging speeds. With a fast charger, the FWD’s battery supports speeds to 150kW, while AWD models support up to 100kW. Although these are decent speeds, many rivals offer more advanced battery and charging technologies.

Of course, let's not skip the Toyota bz4X range as one of the most important aspects of the electric vehicle. According to the WLTC, the FWD model can make up to 567 kilometres on a single charge. On the other hand, the AWD is rated between 487–542 km.

Toyota bz4X Specs:

Suspension and Brakes

The Toyota bz4X has a nice suspension setup, with a classic McPherson strut at the front and a double wishbone on the rear end. Also, both ends include an anti-roll bar. According to our foreign colleagues who had a chance to test Toyota's first all-electric SUV, the suspension setup is on the soft side, offering a smooth and comfortable ride without sacrificing stability and steering engagement. When it comes to brakes, you will find ventilated discs on both ends.


The Toyota bz4X interior should be another strong selling point. From what we can see in the pictures, the dashboard looks modern and attractive, while foreign reviewers said pretty nice words about materials and overall build quality. 

There are even some glossy black touches inside the cabin and a generous offering of tech features. All models come standard with a 12.3-inch infotainment display and a 7-inch digital instrument gauge. We presume that goodies like wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and wireless device charging will also find a place on the list of standard equipment.

Thanks to the long wheelbase, this cabin doesn't only look nice but also offers generous amounts of legroom. The front seats provide around 107cm of legroom and accommodate adults with ease. The second row is also generous with legroom (90cm), though a sloping roofline may cause minor headroom issues for taller passengers. The spacious cargo area offers around 780 litres behind the second row of seats.

Is Toyota bz4X coming to Australia?

According to the latest reports, the Australian version of this all-electric crossover will debut this summer, but the price is yet to be announced. For reference, the Toyota bz4X price in North America starts at around US$43,500.

By Nebojsa Grmusa 

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