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Ultimate Jap Spares

Car Part Suppliers  ·  August 4, 2022

Ultimate Jap Spares

The numbers say it all for Ultimate Jap Spares Sydney—17 years of experience, 6532 satisfied customers, 65K car parts in stock—so who are we to argue?

Let’s see if this makes you their 6,533rd happy customer!

Ultimate Jap Spares – A Brief Background

This family-owned business has been in the auto parts and wrecking business for over 17 years, operating in Smithfield and Old Guildford areas. 

Ultimate Jap Spares boasts knowledge and experience that can only be gained over time. And sure enough, they're one of the best wreckers Smithfield and this part of NSW can offer.  

What Car Brands Do They Dismantle?

Contrary to the “Jap” in its name, it’s not an exclusive or specialist wreckers. In fact, you’ll find most of the car brand names that ever rolled on Aussie land, including but not limited to the following –  

What Car Parts Do They Sell?

The Ultimate Jap Spares stocks all kinds of cars and parts. Their inventory shows engines, gearboxes/transmissions, suspension parts, differential, radiators/AC, engine cooling parts, bonnets, doors, guards, mag wheels, interior trim, exhaust system, catalytic converters, and many more. 

Is the part you need not listed there? No worries! Just call or email them, and they'll locate it for you. Alternatively, you may also check out their eBay store. 

What Other Services Do They Offer? 

Contact Details of Ultimate Jap Spares

Here are their operating hours:

What Do Customers Say about Ultimate Jap?

It seems like this wrecking business knows the secret formula to getting positive reviews.

Customers were generous with praises. They wrote about the wonderful experience they had with the Ultimate Jap Spares, including –

Of course, there were also a few negative things, like when one of the staff provided the wrong info or when a customer had to wait for 5 minutes before he got someone’s attention. 

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