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What Are the Best Online Auto Parts Finders and Stores in Australia?

CarPart  ·  July 5, 2021

What Are the Best Online Auto Parts Finders and Stores in Australia?

Are you busy searching for "Auto parts near me" on your browser? Why don't you check out my list for the best online auto part finders and stores in Australia? I’ll also show you how to search for or order car parts in each website.

How to Search or Buy Car Parts from Top Online Auto Parts Finders and Stores?

Shopping auto parts online can save you time and money with the frequently updated stocks database, either from the stores’ own inventory or the combined inventories of their network. Just log on to these websites and find your unique auto part. 

Which one is the best online car part finder or store? In this list, I have ranked the best based on ease of use, expanse of their network, and other services provided for customer satisfaction.

Here’s my shortlist of the most reliable online auto parts finders and stores in Australia and how to use each.

1. CarPartAU

Finding auto parts in the exact specs you need at a reasonable price is often a tough job that ends up in frustration. changed all that. This sophisticated car parts locating system will help you connect with reputed auto sellers, wreckers, and suppliers who will compete to send you the cheapest and best offers. 

With CarPartAU’s FREE auto parts finder, you can access a network of more than 500 certified part sellers and wreckers in Australia. It has the largest network of auto parts suppliers and sellers across the country. You may choose to do a nationwide search or limit it to a specific area. 

What you need to do is fill out an online form, providing the correct description and specs of the auto part you need. CarPartAU sends your request form to the sellers, and those with the requested part will contact you with their most competitive offer. 

Finding auto parts on CarPartAU is not only fast and easy, but it also ensures you of the best price for the part. You save yourself from the age-old search process that involves countless calls, repeatedly describing the part to every seller, and maybe haggling.

How to Use: 

Click on the ‘Find Your Part’ tab or go to the form named ‘Send a Parts Request Australia Wide’ on the left-side corner of the homepage. Fill up the online form as accurately as possible. There’s also an option to upload pictures of the part you are replacing to aid the seller in finding the part you need. After reviewing all the details, hit ‘Send Request’ to activate the search. 

Sellers will reach you via phone or email as soon as possible. For sure, there will be many sellers giving you exciting offers on the parts you need, and that's the best thing when you shop via CarPartAU. All you need to do is choose the best offer and discuss the payments and shipping/delivery details.

On CarPartAU, you can also search for mechanics and auto professionals or browse the ads for car part listings.

2. Online Auto Parts

This auto parts store has a physical address, with access to thousands of quality replacement parts. They stock more than 50 auto parts brands, and if you can't find your part there, they can order it for you straight from the manufacturer. They also provide a 100% fitment guarantee.

How to Use

Select the make and model of your car from their home page and fill up all the required fields under the "Get Quote" section. Provide your preferred method of receiving the quote, i.e., either by email or phone.

Use the contact information of Online Auto Parts below to get in touch with their assistance team.

3. Australian Online Car Parts

This online store has a wide range of high-quality OEM spare auto parts, tools, and car accessories from Australia's most popular makes such as Holden, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Mazda. Auto parts and tools, and equipment bought from them comes with a manufacturer warranty and are dispatched on the day you ordered them. You may opt for their four-easy-instalment payment via Afterpay. Also, don't forget to visit their clearance sale page if you're looking to stack up on some supercheap parts, tools and accessories. 

How to Use:

Open their website and provide your car's make, model, and year under part finder. They will fetch you the available parts for your vehicle from their inventory. This site has a massive collection of parts from almost all makes and models.

4. Sparesbox

Sparesbox has more than 240,000 products from over 200 reputable automotive brands. That’s massive, as you can imagine, so finding auto parts will searching a breeze. You won’t get the competitive pricing system that CarPartAU offers, but prices are still very reasonable. 

They are a team of over 60 members based in Sydney and Melbourne, with distribution centres located all over Australia. They also have the facility to provide custom-built parts according to your requirements, Afterpay services, fast deliveries, and FREE shipping in all metros in Australia on orders over $99. On non-metros, they have a fixed delivery charge of 14.90$ on all orders. They also ship internationally. 

How to Use:

They have an easy-to-use search tool from their home page. You can search for your auto part with the SKU or part number to find the exact part you're looking for.

5. Automotive Superstore

The Automotive Superstore is another online auto part seller with a physical location for their store. Their manufacturer-trained service team provides fixed price installation services on every auto part you order and give you a lifetime warranty for all their installations. 

How to Use:

To search an auto part from their homepage, fill out the fields provided for the make/model of your car and all required info. You may also opt for their ‘Click and Collect’ option to pick up the order yourself.

6. Supercheap Auto

Find tools and car accessories for your DIY projects. Supercheap Auto is an Australian retail business specialised in providing cheaper auto parts and accessories. It's more like an auto accessories "SuperMall" on the internet, also with a well-established store in Geraldton. From car cleaning kits to auto parts or accessories, you’ll find them here. 

How to Use:

Search the product you need from their home page, and using the sort and filter option, you may then choose the brand and price you're interested in. This store has more supercheap auto parts than many other retailers.


Looking for your hard-to-find auto parts can be a tedious job. These online auto part locators and sellers can help you save time, effort, and money. Whether you’re looking for a manual gearbox, radiator/AC hoses, or any other parts that are slowly disappearing from sellers’ shelves, you can find them easily with the help of these online car part sources.

As mentioned somewhere in the article, the advantage of online car part locators is that you enjoy the advantage of competitive pricing from multiple sellers. You also get to decide to talk to as many or as few sellers you want based on their offers. Try getting a quote now and see how it works!

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