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Xenon Vs Halogen Vs LED Headlights - Which Is the Best Choice

Technical  ·  September 20, 2019

Xenon Vs Halogen Vs LED Headlights - Which Is the Best Choice

The headlights industry is a labyrinth of utter confusion for the uninitiated. Besides the multiple number of fittings and different technologies, there are also various kinds of headlights. 

Some car owners may not recognise terms like xenon, LED, and halogen right away, much less decide which will be best for their cars. So for today, let’s talk about this matter – which is which, and how do they work?

Halogen Vs LED Vs Xenon

Halogen Headlights

You will find Halogen headlights in approximately 80% of the cars today, which easily makes it the most popular type of headlights. These are cheaply produced, easily replaceable, and lasts up to 1,000 hours. 

A halogen bulb contains a filament produced from tungsten, which glows when heated, and halogen gas. Most halogen lights produce colour temperatures ranging from 3200K to 5000K, which significantly fall below what Xenon or LED headlamps are capable of producing. 

Xenon HID

Moving onto Xenon High Intensity Discharge or HID, the frequency of these bulbs has gradually increased over the years. They’re now a standard feature on several luxurious cars. 

Xenon bulbs produce a sharper white light than halogen bulbs and have a longer life expectancy, lasting up to 2,500 hours. These HID bulbs function differently from halogen bulbs because they use electrodes instead of heating filaments. 

The electrodes charge the gas, creating the dazzling white light you see on high-end vehicles. While xenon bulbs are built to near perfection, they have a few drawbacks. 

They may take a few seconds to reach their full brightness after you turn them on. Also, a xenon headlight will be costlier than halogen. 

LED Headlights

LED headlights and taillights have recently created a buzz in the industry, becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to produce white light and exceptionally long lifespan. 

LED bulbs produce intense light using negative electrons that generate protons a thousand times per second! LEDs are less likely to become worn out, as these do not contain a filament. For this reason, they last so much longer than xenon or halogen bulbs. 

However, LED headlights are not frequently seen on the road, as their use is a bit different than halogen or xenon – these bulbs require to be cooled off from the back. Also, LED headlights need to be designed differently. 

Nevertheless, it's undeniable that the LED technology is innovatively being used in vehicles today and is taking over the industry slowly but surely. 

 Which Technology Is Better and Why?

Now that we’re aware of each of the headlights’ characteristics, let’s talk about which is more efficient and why. We've made some comparison:

 Making the Right Decision

In conclusion, all three have their pros and cons. For all those wanting to stick to their budgets, halogen headlights are what you should go for. However, you must keep in mind that they’ll need frequent changes. 

If you have a flexible budget, Xenon or LED headlights should be perfect for you. They are by far the best types of lighting for your car! 

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