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What Car Makes Hold Their Value Best?

Manufacturers  ·  December 1, 2020

What Car Makes Hold Their Value Best?

It goes without saying that all cars are not created equal. More so when it comes to car resale value, the inequality becomes more pronounced. Seeing that cars don’t cost loose change, it makes economic sense to consider the car's second-hand value—how much the vehicle would be worth if or when you decide to sell it years later. Are you wondering which car makes will have the best resale value when you finally decide to let it go? Then this post is for you.

Before we dig in, be aware that multiple factors contribute to the rapidity of a car's depreciation and, ultimately, car resale value. It would be inaccurate to focus our full attention on the car's make, model, and internal attributes when highlighting factors determining car resale value. All of those are the manufacturer’s side of the equation. 

On the car owner’s side, we mustn’t underplay or neglect the importance of after-sales maintenance. It's essential to keep your car healthy and in shape if you plan to resell your vehicle and make the most money off the sale. That said, let’s dig in.

What car brands have the best resale value?

A car must offer critical benefits to its customer to retain a significant fraction of its monetary value after the sale. Car safety technology and overall reliability are two factors that are central to driving up demand in the used-car market. High demand directly implies that numerous people are willing to pay handsomely for the vehicle.

Here are five car brands are known for their substantial second-hand value. 


One thing that particularly stands out in Toyota vehicles is that nearly all models come with advanced driver-assistance systems. Despite their relatively inexpensive rates, Toyotas have a standard tech attribute that keeps customer's hearts longing for them.

Though not available via the dealerships, the HiLux’s American siblings—the Tacoma and Tundra pickups—both tip the scale in terms of resale value.


Subaru has been able to establish itself as a brand with one of the best resale values. The company’s decision to focus on one body style—SUVs—has enabled it to propagate its motto of originality and uniqueness across its reach. Subaru boosts its vehicles' value with its extensive safety tech package offered on almost all its cars. What’s more laudable is that these safety features are available even to the brand's most affordable vehicle. 

Another notable thing is the availability of both the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration systems in their vehicle. Other automakers don’t offer both except in their luxury models. Little wonder that both old and new Subaru models enjoy skyrocketing demand in the market.

Some Subaru vehicles with high resale values are:


Chevrolet consistently hits the car enthusiasts’ soft spot by providing advanced connectivity features even in its most conventional vehicles. The brand has built a strong reputation of leading with introducing new and unequalled tech features in its cars. 

Chevy delivers on this by depending on some of the most prestigious third-party software testing programs. The popularity of some of these tech features has contributed to the high resale value of Chevys.

Some Chevrolets with high resale values are:


Over the years, they have demonstrated their expertise in the SUV market. Jeeps are known for their robustness, durability and performance across all landscapes. Jeeps they are also known for their aesthetics, originality and uniqueness. 

When the iconic-looking Wrangler debuted in 2018, it added some modern features that made more than just an off-road vehicle. These features made the cars fit and comfortable for daily road users as well.

Two Jeeps with good resale values are:


Most of us assume that luxury brands only make vehicles that are fragile and very expensive to buy and maintain. Porsche’s cars defy that assumption—they are anything but fragile. Having built a reputation of stoutness and dependability, the company has gradually become a model in the Automobile industry. The fact that even older models Porsche cars are still selling is a testament to the high resale value of the brand's cars.

Some of their vehicles with topmost resale values are:

A few other brands (and cars) that are known to have high resale value are:

Remember, thorough maintenance is a significant determinant of your vehicle's resale value, regardless of which car make you own. So you must keep the vehicle in great shape, service it regularly, replace damaged parts, and repair faulty car parts as soon as they are noticed. Also, getting quality replacement parts is vital in maintaining the car's market value.

Speaking of quality car parts, exists to help you locate genuine and durable auto parts – either new or used. Do you need genuine car parts to keep your cars running optimally? Search parts the smart way by using our platform to send your request to our 500-plus-strong sellers and wreckers across the country! Get a quote now!

By Damilare Olasinde

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