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What Happens To Your Car If You Forget to Service It Regularly?

Educational  ·  March 16, 2021

What Happens To Your Car If You Forget to Service It Regularly?

For most people, taking their vehicle into the workshop for car servicing is kind of like going to the dentist. It’s a necessity that must take place at least once or twice a year. Yet when that time comes around, some people tend to procrastinate or not get it done at all.

Even though most car owners know better, it’s pretty understandable why people find it challenging to stick to their servicing schedule. After all, if the car still runs smoothly without any problems, why bother taking it to the mechanic?

Well, as it turns out, even if your car is running perfectly fine, there can be some significant drawbacks to forgetting its regular servicing schedule.

In this article, that’s what we’re going to take a closer look at. First, we’ll look at why it’s so important to get your car maintained according to its servicing schedule. Then, we’ll look at a few things that could happen if you keep skipping those appointments.

Let’s get started.

Is Scheduled Car Maintenance Necessary?

Yes, even if your vehicle has no problems, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on your car. There are plenty of reasons for this, and we can split them into two categories: reasons tied to the operation of the vehicle and reasons tied to the value of the car.

Firstly, scheduled car maintenance gives the mechanic a chance to replace or top-up all of the oils, fluids, and lubricants that your vehicle needs to operate smoothly. That includes everything from your engine oil to your transmission fluid and even your windscreen washer fluid.

Secondly, the resale value of your car is partly affected by how well you take care of it. For example, when the day comes to sell your car, the future buyer may wish to know about how well you’ve kept to the car’s servicing schedule.

What Happens When You Skip Regular Maintenance?

Even though it may not seem like it at first, failing to stick to your car’s servicing schedule can have some significant long-term effects on both your vehicle and your wallet.

The worst-case scenario is that you may suffer from a total car breakdown in the middle of the road at some point. That might happen due to many more minor problems building up over time, issues that would have otherwise been sorted out during your regular maintenance.

Besides that, there’s also the genuine possibility that you’ll have to pay for expensive repairs in the future. Remember: a car’s mechanical parts need its fluids to prevent damage and operate smoothly, and those fluids must be changed from time to time.

Example: Impact of Missed Servicing to the Car Engine

The perfect example for all of this is your car engine. Besides fuel and air, the engine also requires engine oil to function smoothly. That oil helps the engine manage heat and stay clean on the inside.

Suppose you’ve skipped your oil changes for far too long. As time goes on, the engine oil will become much thicker, reducing its ability to circulate throughout the engine and do its job. As a result, the engine may overheat, and there’ll be added friction among all the moving parts.

Things like that can cause gradual damage, which will lead to expensive repairs, or even worse, an even more costly total engine replacement.

That’s just one example. Don’t forget: you have other systems in the car that need a similar kind of attention, like your transmission system. Sticking to your servicing schedule ensures that they get the attention they need regularly.

How Long Can You Go Without Servicing Your Car? 

On average, you can only go about six months without taking your vehicle in for car servicing. There are a few factors that might affect that timeframe, though.

For example, a newer vehicle might be able to go longer without experiencing any problems. However, an older car or one used heavily will benefit significantly from getting serviced more frequently. It's all about wear and tear; older cars have experienced plenty, and vehicles used often will experience wear and tear at a higher rate.

Regular maintenance is even more critical in both cases to ensure that the car’s lifespan is maximised.

Is It Worth Servicing the Car at the Dealership? 

Yes, if the car is still new and under warranty, it’s best to service the vehicle at the dealership. Alternatively, you can also determine if the manufacturer has its own list of approved workshops that you can choose from, which should provide you with more options to choose from.

If you’re unfamiliar, there’s a strong understanding in the car world that taking a car to your local mechanic (instead of the dealer’s or manufacturer’s) will void the vehicle’s warranty.

At the same time, there is also the belief that your warranty will NOT be void if your non-dealer workshop performs car servicing on your vehicle the correct way.

Personally, I prefer to err on the side of caution. So here’s my suggestion: if your car is still under warranty, stick to the servicing schedule and take the vehicle to a mechanic that the dealer or manufacturer approves of.

That way, you won’t be taking any chances with your car warranty, and you’ll give them no room to raise any problems with your car warranty.

What Does a Full Car Service Include?

A typical car servicing will include tasks like:

Those tasks are what you can expect when making an appointment based on your car’s servicing schedule. However, some workshops may also offer you more thorough servicing at a higher price.

The list of tasks that a more thorough servicing may do is quite endless. However, it may include more specialised tasks such as inspecting the entire undercarriage for rust, tuning the engine, and so much more.

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By Ray Hasbollah

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