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What Is a Car Service and What Gets Checked?

Educational  ·  October 1, 2021

What Is a Car Service and What Gets Checked?

Car servicing is the periodic check-up of a vehicle even if it shows no mechanical issues for the purpose of ensuring its reliability, safety, functionality, and efficiency. 

Unlike the annual inspection of vehicles, servicing is not a legal requirement in many countries. This leniency makes it easy for car owners to overlook the exercise. 

The need to service your vehicle and servicing it on time cannot be over-emphasized. While skipping or delaying it can save you a few dollars, the risk it poses may cost you more – it may even cost lives. 

What Does a Full Car Service Include? 

A full car servicing is a comprehensive check of all parts of the vehicle, including:

Aside from that main question, you may still have other questions at the back of your mind. Here are some common questions people usually ask about vehicle servicing and our short answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Servicing

1. Interim vs full servicing – what’s the difference?

Interim servicing is a minor check-up of a vehicle and undertaken in between the full servicing intervals. On the other hand, a full car service involves more comprehensive checking of almost all car parts and car systems

2. What’s the interval between full servicing schedules? 

There is “no one size fits all” answer on when to service your vehicle. Different vehicles have different servicing intervals. To be sure about when to service your vehicle, you need to check the manufacturer-recommended service schedule.

3. How do I know my vehicle require services after the manufacturer’s coverage? 

The surest way would be to check your car mileage. Every vehicle requires servicing after covering the manufacturer’s recommended distance. Luckily, modern cars now have monitoring systems that inform the driver when servicing is due.

4. What are some signs that my car needs servicing?

These signs indicate that it’s time to service your car:

5. How much does car servicing cost? 

Car servicing costs vary widely depending on the size of the car, the model, and the components that need replacing, so some cars may cost as low as $200 to service to as high as $2000 or even more. An interim servicing will also cost you less than a full service that is more comprehensive. Instead of searching for ‘car servicing near me,’ you may also search our directories and key in your location to find the nearest car servicing shop near you.   

6. What happens if you don’t service your vehicle? 

Failure to service your car leads to the vehicle losing its power and eventually its functionality. Such automobiles are also unsafe as essential functionalities such as braking, steering, and light indicators start to fail. 

Fuel consumption also goes up, and the ride becomes uncomfortable. Besides, the lifespan of the vehicle is affected, the maintenance cost sky-rockets, and the vehicle’s resale value goes down when there is no evidence of regular servicing


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