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Where Can I Buy Car Body Parts in Australia?

Educational  ·  July 17, 2020

Where Can I Buy Car Body Parts in Australia?

You might have to purchase car body parts after an accident damages or misshapes an exterior part of your car. When it comes to buying auto body parts, you need to be cautious and confident at the same time. 

The Hassles of Finding an Auto Body Panel 

The most common auto body parts that get affected are door panels, side mirrors, bumpers, trunk, headlights, and fenders. Finding specific replacement body parts can become a bit of a challenge if your car is an old model or the manufacturer has stopped producing its parts. 

You will have to consider every possible purchasing method to find your car part, going over all the small and big auto part suppliers in Australia. Once you’ve narrowed your list down, you would have to contact them, tell them the specific parts required, wait for responses, and on to the next one. It would seem like a never-ending cycle until you’ve found your required part. Sounds like too much hassle, right? It is. 

But worry not, we’ll find a way around that. 

Common Ways of Finding Car Body Parts

1. Auto part retailers

One of the traditional ways of searching for body panels is to approach retailers. You may go to general auto part retailers or to those specialising in replacement body parts, which may also sub-specialise in certain car brands. The more specialised a store is, the likelier it will have the part you need. They will be expensive, and if your car is vintage or out of production, be prepared to pay more. 

2. Car wreckers 

Wrecking yards are a popular option for the great value you get for your money, that is, if you know what you’re looking for and you have a reliable go-to wrecker. If you’re anywhere in South Australia or Melbourne, you can contact wreckers through hotline services like Hotline Auto Parts South Australia (HAPSA) and Melbourne Hotline. 

3. Yellow Pages 

Yellow Pages are an option, too. Instead of going around locating retailers and shops, you can call them first to streamline the process a bit. Still, it requires searching for each seller and individually contacting them, silently praying that the next call finds the seller who has the exact body panel you need at the price that’s within your range.

4. Swap Meets 

In Australia, you can also go to swap meets for car body parts. It’s where car enthusiasts change parts and socialise. However, you will have to abide by schedules, and it’s not like there’s a swap meet any time you need a car part. 

5. eBay & Gumtree

Of course, there are eBay and Gumtree, but guaranteeing a part’s quality can prove to be a tough job if you get it from these platforms. You may find a good quality car body part for a reasonable price, but chances of being scammed are high, too. 

Best Place to Find Auto Body Parts 

Seeing those five usual sources of auto parts in Australia, are there any other ways? Of course. At, we believe that there’s always room to improve. We’re offering our Car Part Finder as a solution, yet we keep reserving a room to continually improve it. 

What makes this car part finder unique is that you can get your desired parts by just filling out a car part request form. That single action gets our over 500 sellers and wreckers springing to action – searching for the part you need! 

So, you see, one form multiplies to at least 500 searches. They will search their respective inventory sheets; those who find your auto body part (according to the specs you’ve requested) will respond to you with their best price!

What the Car Part Finder Does for You 


Finding car body parts in Australia can be quite a challenge, but with the right approach, you can shorten the process. Instead of searching for auto parts yourself, why not request to do it for you

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