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Where Can I Find Car Parts Near Me in Australia?

CarPart  ·  June 2, 2020

Where Can I Find Car Parts Near Me in Australia?

If you're a car owner in Australia, you don't need to source car parts from out of town. That’s unnecessary trouble. Save your time and money by buying from reputable suppliers in your city. Buying from car parts suppliers nearest to you not only shortens the travel and delivery time, but it also cuts the cost. You also get to show your support to local businesses, which is what the industry needs during this difficult time. 

Read on to find out the answer to the common question among Australian car owners. 

Where do I get car spare parts near me? 

The answer depends on where you are in Australia.


Melbourne does not have a shortage of car parts, both used and new. We’ve listed two to get you started.

City Wreckers

City Wreckers buys used or damaged cars and extract the usable parts from them. They have skilled mechanics who examine the vehicle to make sure that they get the best car parts.


Pick-a-Part is Melbourne's leading self-serve car wrecker. They stock all the parts you need, from clutch parts, lighting, engine parts, and many more. You can save some cash by recovering parts from their stock of cars and buy at a cheaper rate. You may also check out their website to see the car parts that they already have in stock. They offer quite a range of car parts and regularly conduct discount campaigns. 


Here are another two from NSW, and they’re both general wreckers.

Wreck Monster

While they specialise in Japanese and Korean models, like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Kia, Wreck Monster also deals in a wide range of spare parts from American car brands such as Ford and Jeep. Aside from those brands, they also have a large inventory of genuine parts from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and other European brands, which are covered with a warranty when bought from them.

NSW Wreckers

NSW Wreckers has over 80,000 used car parts in stock, all available with a 30-day guarantee. Their inventory includes stock engines, manual and automatic transmissions, tyres, and even radiators for BMWs, Toyotas, Land Rovers, and Mazda, to name a few. 


Brisbane Auto Wreckers

They offer an extensive range of top-quality used auto parts from various car makes and provides a 30 to 90-day warranty. 

QLD Wreckers

QLD Wreckers sells high-quality secondhand parts at wholesale rates. They deal with Korean, Japanese, American, and European cars, and also sell truck and van parts.


Odin Auto Part

You will find turbochargers, batteries, tyres, and suspension parts, among others, from Odin Auto Part, all reasonably priced. If you have any inquiries, you can give them a call, and their parts experts will assist you. If you need help in installing the parts, you may avail of their onsite workshop services.

Perth Parts Solution

Perth Parts Solution specialises in SUV, heavy commercial, and 4x4 vehicles. You will find the available parts listed in their website, including the details about the donor vehicle’s make, model, and year. 


City Dismantlers

The City Dismantlers pride themselves as the place to go for hard-to-find car parts. 

Adelaide Wreckers

Adelaide Wreckers is another source for high-quality and affordable used car parts with limited warranty.

How do I choose among the local wreckers and car part suppliers?

Even as we say that buying car parts is so much easier when you do so from local suppliers, a lot still needs to be done. You will have to look them up and call them one by one. Inquire from them about the part you need, painstakingly describing it to each wrecker you call, and possibly do a bit of haggling. 

But here’s an easier way. We live in the digital age, and things have improved. Not only has ordering car parts gone online, it can now be done through a single website. You need not visit each wrecker’s website.

What you have to do is go to, fill out a parts request form and let the website send your request to its network of members. You will then receive quotations from wreckers and sellers who have the car part. In effect, it excludes those that don’t have the part you need. 

From the quotes, you may then pick the one with the most advantageous offer. So, you see, with CarPart’s Request-a-Part tool, you do away with a lot of unnecessary things, like calling and emailing suppliers one by one. The best thing about this car part locating service is that it’s free, with no obligations or strings attached.

CarPart has a network of over 500 suppliers all over the country, ready to supply what you need and deliver your ordered items to your doorstep. See how it works; request a part today!

By Eric Anyega

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