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Where to Find JDM Aftermarket Car Parts and JDM Accessories

CarPart  ·  September 23, 2021

Where to Find JDM Aftermarket Car Parts and JDM Accessories

There’s plenty to love about Japanese Domestic Market or JDM vehicles. They look cool, they’re fun to tune and modify, and you’ll likely turn heads when you drive them down the street. However, finding JDM aftermarket car parts and accessories can be hard to come by when the time comes to replace them.

The best way to find JDM aftermarket car parts or accessories is to order them directly from Japan or international sellers. You could also visit local JDM parts suppliers, and don’t forget to check with your local JDM car wreckers – they’re usually the cheapest and fastest source.

In the following sections, you’ll discover how to find JDM parts and accessories for your car.

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Is It Hard to Get JDM Parts?

Knowing that JDM cars are not intended for our market, it’s fair to assume that JDM car parts are hard to find, but that’s not always the case.

Yes, it can be challenging to find JDM parts, especially if you’re looking for something particular with no substitutes. Luckily, it’s not as hard now as it used to be.

Sure, you’re probably not going to find JDM parts available in every workshop or auto parts seller, so don’t go there. Instead, look for sellers who specialise in JDM – they are present in pretty much every major city in Australia. If they don’t have the exact component you want, they’ll know how and where to get it for you.

On top of that, let’s not forget that we live not only in an age where the Internet is a thing but also where international e-commerce can get you anything you want from practically any corner of the globe. You could easily order parts from Japan or anywhere else and have them shipped right to your doorstep.

Remember: there is a demand for JDM car parts, so there will be sellers looking to satisfy that need.

Are JDM Car Parts Better?

Another common assumption among enthusiasts is that JDM car parts and JDM accessories are much better than those from other countries. Part of that comes from the Japanese carmakers’ reputation of reliability. 

Whether Japanese car parts are better than, say, German or American car parts, is a grey area where it’s not entirely accurate but not an outright lie either.

Here are the circumstances when JDM parts may or may not be better than their counterparts from other countries.

JDM Car Parts Are Better – when you need to install them in JDM cars

When it comes to more conservative or traditional JDM car owners, they will likely tell you that JDM spare parts are the only acceptable option for their beloved vehicle. That way, the car stays Japanese through and through.

Besides keeping the vehicle 100%-authentic Japanese, using those kinds of parts are also better because they were designed and manufactured according to Japanese specs and standards.

JDM Car Parts Are Not Necessarily Superior – when you will only use them for non-JDM cars

Despite the strong reputation that JDM accessories and parts have, they’re not always the best option for everyone. Now, we’re not saying the parts are inferior in any way. However, we’re saying that there’s a world full of fantastic aftermarket parts and accessories, and you should not limit your choices.

So, whether you drive a JDM vehicle or not, avoid giving in to the hype that comes with JDM auto parts

Where to Look for JDM Car Parts

Now, let’s talk about where and how you can get your hands on JDM Japanese auto parts and accessories. Depending on what you’re looking for and how rare it might be, you might have to use more than one approach to get what you want.

JDM Car Parts Directly from Japan

As you might have imagined, the first way to get the JDM aftermarket car parts you want is to buy them right from the source. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to travel to the ‘motherland’ of these parts.

Plus, dealing with Japanese suppliers from Australia can be tricky. Aside from the language barrier, you also miss out on the joy of discovering items you weren’t looking for at first.

JDM Spare Parts from International Sellers Online

Your second option for finding JDM spare parts or Japanese car interior accessories is to browse the websites of international sellers. Here’s the thing about JDM enthusiasts: they exist almost everywhere in the world. 

That’s fantastic news for you because it means that you can find the parts you need from sellers who aren’t even in Japan. Using this approach, you could work with suppliers from English-speaking countries who make the buying process much more straightforward for you.

Local JDM Parts Dealers

As mentioned in the introduction, pretty much every major city has sellers offering the best JDM accessories Australia has to offer. So, if you don’t feel like buying straight from Japan or importing it through an online seller, you could always browse local shops instead.

If they have the part you’re looking for, you could buy it straight away instead of waiting for it to be shipped over. Plus, you get to see the parts with your own two eyes before putting your money down.

JDM Car Wreckers

Just like some parts dealers specialising in JDM parts, there are also car wreckers with the same expertise. These wreckers can be an excellent way to find the parts you need and earn a bonus – you get to spend less than when buying the parts brand new.

If you’d like to find JDM aftermarket car parts sellers or wreckers in your city, check out the Directory over at There, you can narrow down the automotive businesses near you based on their specialty, whether they deal in JDM or other vehicles. Easiest of all, of course, is to send a request for parts to help you locate sellers. It’s a free service – try it now and get a quote!

By Ray Hasbollah

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