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What Are the Different Models of Toyota Hilux & Which Is the Most Reliable?

Manufacturers  ·  August 13, 2021

What Are the Different Models of Toyota Hilux & Which Is the Most Reliable?

The Toyota Hilux is a name that’s been around for decades and is currently in its eighth generation. Still, many people don’t realise that there are several versions of the Hilux, each catering to slightly different needs.

In Australia, you can purchase the Toyota Hilux Workmate, Hilux SR, and Hilux SR5. Each model has slightly different options and variations, depending on what your needs might be. The Workmate has base features and is the workhorse of the family. Still, the SR and SR5 pack a slightly more powerful punch while offering plenty of comfort and tech.

Let’s take a closer look at what still makes the Toyota Hilux so popular after all these years and what models from the latest generation are on offer in Australia.

Why Is the Toyota Hilux So Popular?

Firstly, it would be beneficial to dive deeper into why the Toyota Hilux, regardless of which variation, is the preferred choice on worksites worldwide.

Here are five reasons why this truck has stood the test of time:

Now, let’s dive deeper into the central questions of this article: What are the different Toyota Hilux models you can get, and which one stands out as the most reliable?

What Toyota Models Are Available in Australia?

In 2021, you can buy the Toyota Hilux Workmate, SR, and SR5 models in Australia. Firstly, remember that each of these models is still a Hilux at its core. By that, we mean that they’re fundamentally the same, though each model represents a different level trim.

Let’s take a closer look.

Toyota Hilux Workmate

The Toyota Hilux Workmate is the most basic model of the three on this list. You can get this truck as a double-cab pickup, though most people recognise this model for the cab-chassis body type with the tray in the back. Those types give the Toyota Hilux Workmate that signature ute look that people will spot from a mile away.

Like both of the other Hilux models you'll see later, the Workmate has a few variants as well. For instance, there's the Toyota Hilux Workmate 4x2 and the Toyota Hilux Workmate 4x4. These variations will be slightly different depending on what your specific day-to-day needs might be.

The base model offers a maximum output of 122kW of power and 245 Nm of torque. Even though this is the most basic of the three Hilux models, it still does come with its share of creature comforts. Connectivity (for Apple Airplay and Android Auto), loads of airbags, and several driver-assist features are all standard in this vehicle.

Toyota Hilux SR

One step up from the Toyota Hilux Workmate is the SR model. According to some explanations of Toyota's abbreviations, SR stands for 'Sport Rally'. Unfortunately, however, that name doesn't appear anywhere on Toyota Hilux SR's marketing materials (none that we can find, anyway).

Whatever the story behind the abbreviation, this Hilux packs a bit more of a powerful punch while also offering a higher comfort level than the Workmate.

The Toyota Hilux SR generates a maximum output of 155kW of power (33kW higher than the Workmate) and 420 Nm of torque (155 Nm more). This model also comes with steel wheels an inch larger than the Workmate and a higher towing capacity of 3,500 kg.

Toyota Hilux SR5

On the top rung of the Toyota Hilux family is the SR5. This version is very similar to the Toyota Hilux SR in many ways, though many things are taken a step further. First and foremost, the SR5 has the same power and torque as the SR.

However, it has 18” alloy wheels instead of steel, and the inside has automatic climate control instead of regular ol’ air conditioning like the SR and Workmate.

The interior also sports more tech than the other Hilux models, including things like satellite navigation and digital radio.

So, if you're looking for all the raw power, you'd expect of a Hilux, plus some of the latest tech and comforts, the SR5 is catered to you.

Which Is the Most Reliable Toyota Hilux?

I'll be honest with you: It's tough to say that one Hilux is more reliable than another. Remember what was mentioned earlier: at the core, all three models mentioned above are still Hiluxes. That means they all share the indestructibility that has made the Hilux name legendary over the past few decades.

So, perhaps asking which Hilux is the most reliable isn’t the question anyone should be asking. Instead, you should ask yourself how comfortable you want to be while unleashing all that raw power.

Because you can rest assured that the Toyota Hilux Workmate will carry a heavy load with great ease while getting you and your team to where they need to be. No matter how rough the conditions or terrain are, it'll get the job done.

Sure, the Hilux SR and SR5 have slightly more power than the Workmate. But they also come with much more comfort and in-car tech than the Workmate. So, with an SR or SR5, you could abuse the vehicle off-road for a few hours, then wash it off and take the family to dinner in the same gorgeous truck.

To learn more about the Toyota Hilux Workmate or any other model, check out the blog at and our countless posts about the Hilux. 

By Ray Hasbollah

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