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List of Car Parts Names with Description

CarPart  ·  January 20, 2022

List of Car Parts Names with Description

It happens all the time, you’re describing a problem to your mechanic or talking to someone about a car part, but the exact name for the thing evades you? It’s at the tip of your tongue but unfortunately remains there.

Wouldn’t a list of car parts come handy during times when your memory fails you? Lucky you, today’s piece is about that – a list of car parts names and a quick description of their functions.

List of Car Parts and Their Functions

This quick reference is organised around main car part categories, and the components under each category are arranged alphabetically. 

Car Body Parts

1. Bonnet – a hinged cover protecting your car’s engine compartment. The hinges allow you to open and close them quickly when accessing the compartment.

2. Bumper – a durable plastic attachment on the front and the back of a vehicle that absorbs minor impact and minimises damage during collisions.

3. Fender – the metal structure around the wheel well. A fender prevents the wheel from throwing road debris in the air.

4. Grille – it covers the car's front while allowing air to flow into the engine compartment. It also serves an aesthetic purpose as part of a car's 'face' or look.

5. Pillar – there are several pillars in a vehicle, named A, B, C and D, although some cars do without a B-pillar. Pillars support a car’s roof, and they’re where door hinges and latches are attached.

6. Quarter Panel – a vehicle body panel between the rear door and the boot. Most car designs have the quarter panel wrapped around the rear wheel well.

7. Spoiler – an aerodynamic body attachment that reduces the adverse side effects of airflow above, below, and around the vehicle.

8. Wheels – circular car parts responsible for moving a car from one point to another, consisting of the following parts. 

9. Boot – aka trunk, it’s the vehicle’s main cargo compartment, separate from the car’s interior. Typically accessed through a hatch at the car’s rear.

10. Doors – a car’s door allows you to enter and exit it, and it typically sits on hinges and opens outwards, though some doors slide on tracks instead.

11. Side View Mirrors – mirrors on both sides of the vehicle’s exterior that help the driver see the vehicle’s sides, rear, and blind spots.

12. Windows – glass sections of the car protecting occupants from wind, dust, and debris while allowing for clear vision all around the vehicle.

13. Miscellaneous Car Body Parts

Electrical and Electronic Systems / Car Parts

1. Starting System – cranks the engine and helps it begin the internal combustion process. It consists of the following parts: 

2. Ignition System – continuously produces electric sparks to ignite the fuel-air mixture inside the engine. This system keeps the engine running until you shut it off.

3. Infotainment System – electronic components providing entertainment, navigation, and other forms of connectivity.

4. Sensors – modern cars have various sensors collecting data. The onboard computers then use the gathered data to optimise the vehicle's performance. Here are the most common sensors you’ll find in modern vehicles:

5. Cameras – rear cameras increase visibility around blind spots (e.g., behind the car while reversing), while dash cams record video for monitoring purposes.

6. Electric Power Supply System – components that generate, store, and deliver electricity to the vehicle’s electric and electronic components. This system also serves the car’s combustion engine by supplying electricity needed for the internal combustion process.

7. Meters and Gauges – tools that provide the driver with crucial information about the car’s various systems.

8. Lighting and Signalling – components illuminating the road to improve the car's visibility and indicate turning intentions to other vehicles.

9. Electrical Connectors and Wiring – these are parts of the car’s electrical system delivering electrical power and signals between controls and systems to ensure correct functioning.

10. Central Locking and Alarm Systems – components that enable simultaneous locking of all car doors. These systems are typically paired with an alarm to further discourage car theft or intrusions.

11. Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Parts

Interior Parts and Systems

1. Seating – car seats provide comfort to occupants while maximising safety. 

2. Flooring – a vehicle's flooring protects occupants from the road underneath while also dampening sounds from the undercarriage.

3. Interior Panelling – interior car panels conceal electrical wiring and other components inside vehicle doors.

4. Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems – depending on the outside climate, the car interior can become too hot or too cold. Air conditioning and climate control allow you to manage temperatures and maximise comfort.

Powertrain and Chassis Parts

1. Engine Parts – these parts are responsible for the combustion process, which generates power to make a car move.

2. Engine Cooling System – the internal combustion process generates plenty of heat. Engine cooling systems keep the engine running optimally while preventing overheating.

3. Engine Oil Systems – engines have hundreds of moving parts, large and small. To work in harmony, they rely on systems that deliver oil and other fluids.

4. Exhaust System – exhaust gases and other combustion by-products must safely exit the engine and the vehicle, and the exhaust system and its components make that possible.

5. Fuel Supply System – the combustion process requires fuel, and it’s the fuel supply system that ensures fuel is continually delivered to the engine’s chambers at the precise amount and timing. 

6. Electrical Powertrain Parts – modern internal combustion engines don't just rely on mechanical parts but also on electrical parts. This is especially true with hybrid and electric vehicles.

7. Steering and Suspension Systems – vehicle steering systems allow you to turn the car in any direction with ease. Part of the same system also provides suspension, maximising your comfort and the vehicle's performance on rough ground.

8. Transmission System – the system responsible for moving energy from the engine to the wheels, providing speed and power according to your driving needs.

9. Braking System – car brakes consist of a complex system that brings the car to a halt safely and in a timely manner.

10. Miscellaneous Powertrain and Chassis Parts

Hoses – carry air, water, and other fluids from their reservoirs to where they’re needed.

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