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Major Vehicle Recalls in Australia 2022

Manufacturers  ·  January 20, 2023

Major Vehicle Recalls in Australia 2022

In recent years, many more Australian drivers have begun taking motor vehicle recalls much more seriously. That’s especially true after headlines covered high-profile deaths and accidents related to the Takata airbag recalls worldwide. Still, 2022 was a pretty busy year for even more recalls.

There were almost 90 major vehicle recalls in Australia throughout 2022, affecting some 290,000 cars. The recalls did not spare any vehicle type or brand, including not only combustion-engine vehicles but also electric and hydrogen cars. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about the vehicle recalls Australia saw in 2022. You'll find out about 5 of the most notable ones we've seen and know more about where to find vehicle recall information.

What Major Vehicle Recalls Happened in Australia in 2022?

2022 has seen plenty of Australian vehicle recalls across a long list of leading auto brands. In fact, there were almost 90 recalls that affected approximately 290,000 cars.

There are far too many recalls and details to cover in one short article, so we’ve chosen a few notable ones that took place in Australia in the past year.

Here are 5 of the most notable 2022 vehicle recalls that happened in Australia:

1. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

One thing that you’ll notice about vehicle recalls in Australia is that they’re not limited to less popular car brands. In fact, many of the recalls were issued for models by leading auto manufacturers like Tesla.

In this case, 2022 saw the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y recall due to a software glitch. The fault put Tesla models in danger on the road because it prevented the taillights from illuminating on one or both sides.

As you can imagine, that could lead to an instant disaster at night or in low-visibility conditions since it would be difficult/impossible for cars from behind to spot the affected Tesla ahead.

2. Ford Focus 

Another well-known model affected by recalls in Australia was the Ford Focus. A manufacturing issue caused those cars to have loose sunroofs that could potentially detach from the vehicle and fly off into traffic.

A flying sunroof in the middle of the road is quite terrifying to imagine, and it poses the genuine risk of injuring someone.

Thankfully, the recall only affected a total of eight vehicles, which were manufactured between the 16th and 24th of September in 2021. The recall was issued approximately a year later, on 13th September 2022.

3. Nissan Navara 

The Nissan Navara recall of 2022 earns its place on this list as well. Believe it or not, what triggered the recall was a printing error in the car owner's manual.

You would assume that a misprint in the car owner's manual wouldn't be such a big deal, and in most cases, you’d be right.

Unfortunately, the misprinted details were related to Nissan Navara's jacking points and, consequently, the users’ safety.

That's potentially life-threatening. Imagine jacking up your Nissan Navara according to the manual's instructions without knowing that you’re risking your life due to some errors in the instructions.

Thankfully, they caught the problem and issued the recall that affected 2,942 vehicles.

4. Hyundai Santa Fe

Some recalls were far more severe problems than others, and the Hyundai Santa Fe is a perfect example. Year 2015-2017 models of the Santa Fe were recalled in 2022 due to an electronics problem that could lead to a car fire.

Apparently, a manufacturing defect increases the risk of a short circuit to the ABS module when there’s too much moisture around. That short circuit is what could lead to a potentially deadly car fire.

Here’s the scary bit about that story: the short-circuit and car fire could happen even when the vehicle is parked and turned off.

This recall affected 8,779 Hyundai Santa Fes, particularly 2015-2017 models.

5. Hyundai Nexo

So far on this list, you’ve seen that neither combustion-engine nor electric vehicles are free from the possibility of a recall, not even so-called “green” hydrogen cars.

Hyundai’s Nexo model, a hydrogen-powered car, was recalled in 2022 due to a manufacturing defect that affected the car’s gas detection system. The system’s sensors wear out over time, preventing the system from detecting a potential gas leak.

When this happens, the vehicle couldn't warn the driver or other occupants of a gas leak onboard.

This recall affected 30 vehicles produced between 2018 and 2021.

Are Vehicle Recalls Free?

Yes, getting your vehicle fixed due to a recall is free of charge. There’s no reason to worry about costs or delay your response to a vehicle recall.

Regardless of the problem, remember that it's severe enough to warrant a recall, and you should never ignore it.

Unfortunately, many people either delay or do not respond when manufacturers announce a recall affecting their vehicles.

One notable example is a driver who died due to a faulty Takata airbag, despite the vehicle manufacturer contacting them hundreds of times about the recall.

Where Can You Find Out about Vehicle Recalls in Australia?

Given the seriousness of vehicle recalls, it’s never an acceptable excuse for anyone to say they can’t find vehicle recalls information anywhere.

Firstly, car manufacturers will contact car owners directly on the phone, via email, or even through letters in the post. 

Also, vehicle recalls are advertised openly on their websites, dealers’ websites, and even on social media to catch the attention of affected car owners.

In Australia, you can also rely on the government’s Vehicle Recalls website, a central location where you can learn about vehicle recalls for all brands and models. 

Stay tuned to the Blog at CarpartAU for the latest goings-on in the automotive world. You’ll discover plenty of stories about what’s going on with cars, motorcycles, and more in Australia and the world!


By Ray Hasbollah

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