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Selling Auto Parts Online: How to Get Started

CarPart  ·  July 14, 2020

Selling Auto Parts Online: How to Get Started

The online automotive parts and accessories sales industry has witnessed a massive growth in the past few years. Most auto part retailers have now taken to the online space to expand their business. What is even more interesting is that researchers forecast continued growth for the next decade. 

Sure, the growth doesn’t compare to that in the fashion industry, but it is worth a second look, especially if you’re already selling car parts. More and more consumers continue adopting online shopping as their preferred way of purchasing goods and services. That also means it is not late for anyone looking to sell car parts to board this ship.

How to Start Selling Car Parts Online

If you’re planning to sell automotive parts online, here is a quick guide on how to go about it.

1. Do some research

The first step is to carry out in-depth research on the various car makes, models and most importantly, their parts. You can learn a lot about car makes and models from CarPart’s Carpedia. Take some time to study how related businesses are doing in the market. This will help you understand what is needed when some car parts fail, under-perform, or get damaged. 

2. Choose your niche 

Choosing a niche helps you settle on the exact needs in the market that you intend to satisfy with your online car parts business. It is imperative to understand the market landscape and its demand. When choosing a niche, go for one that guarantees you regular supplies of the products from the distributor or whole seller. 

A niche that lacks regular supplies means you’re likely to experience a scarcity of products which will consequently dampen your stock and ward off your consumers. You can opt to build a Toyota parts online store if you notice your state or region has many Toyota cars. If you choose to open a brand-specific online car part store, you’ll solely focus on car parts for that model. Just make sure you have a regular supply of parts.

3. Draft a business model

Running an online business means that you have to consider some things that could otherwise be overlooked if it was a physical store. First, you need to find reliable distributors that’ll provide you with the products on time when orders are being placed. 

We recommend choosing distributors that can dropship the parts directly to the consumer when an order is placed as it saves you expenses on warehouse hiring.

4. Apply for a business licence

A business licence adds credibility to your business and gives assurance to your customers. You can visit the relevant authorities in your locality and get a licence, which is the proof that your store is authentic and has been permitted by the state to sell new or used auto parts online. You might also be required to get other commerce-related documentation to prove the legality of your business.

5. Build your website

With everything set, it is time to actualise your dream by building your brand's website. You can either use website builders or hire a professional web designer to get it done. The site needs to be professional, fitting and attractive to consumers. Apply themes that match your business, i.e. reflect on the auto parts industry

Use high-quality photos of the car parts you're selling so that consumers can see what they're buying exactly. For each auto part, you can have multiple images from different angles. Don't forget to optimise the website for mobile, given that most people use their smartphones to browse.

Make sure the website has a payment section set with all popular payment methods. The safety of these payment methods has to be checked, too, as people will lose trust and comment negatively on your brand if they experience financial deceit.

Don’t stuff a lot of things on your website as it will become unappealing. Ensure smooth navigation through the site, making it easy for visitors to find auto parts. It is a good idea to include a search bar and filters.

6. Hire a writer 

You will need a couple of content writers to provide the content that will be presented alongside the auto parts on your website. Site visitors are much more likely to be impressed once they see a clear description of each item. The writers you hire should be able to arrange all the parts in an organised manner. An SEO expert will ensure that all contents are optimised on site and off site.  

7. Market your brand

Before becoming successful, every business has to be marketed. Marketing is even much more crucial for online businesses. Proper marketing involves making your target audience aware of what you’re offering and why they should choose it over your competitors.

Social media platforms have proved to be powerful marketing tools for most online businesses. You can use your social media profiles or build new profiles entirely dedicated to the shop to market your online automotive parts. Post regularly on the profile and connect with industry-leading agencies or individuals to make your brand known.

An SEO expert can do wonders to drive traffic to your website, rank it higher on popular search pages, and help translate traffic to better conversion rates. Other options include retargeting, email marketing, Google ads, and Facebook ads.

You need to be patient here because it is unlikely that traffic will increase or your brand will be established overnight.

8. Think third-party selling

Selling auto parts through your website may not be enough, or you may not be ready for it yet, especially budget-wise. In either case, you need to start considering third-party selling. There are several third-party sites you can use to expand your reach, such as eBay and Amazon, which are the frequently used online commerce websites. Note that when using these third-party sites to sell your products, you have to pay a percentage of your profits.

Aside from the substantial fees you pay, the problem with these websites is that they are already very saturated with all commodities imaginable. You will do better selling via automotive-dedicated marketplaces, such as and similar sites. These sites will enable you to showcase used and new auto parts to a broader, but more targeted, consumer base. That’s what every budding marketer like you should know—widen your market but focus on your target.

Two Ways to Sell Auto Parts at CarPart

There are two ways to boost your automotive store online at

  1. Become a CarPart-certified seller – you may or may not have a physical store. What’s important is that you are a seller and you apply to register as CarPart’s certified seller. After passing the process, you will then start receiving requests for parts from customers. If you have the exact car part described by a potential buyer, you may send your quote. The clear advantage here is that you would be responding to a customer who has every intention of buying an auto part that you have, meaning he or she is several steps down the sales funnel. Register as a seller now!  
  2. Advertise and make your store more visible – alternatively, you may sign up here to list auto parts for free. You can also take advantage of our low-cost ads offering to boost your free ads, which will feature your store or products on the homepage or at the top of search results. 


Set your prices right such that consumers don’t feel overcharged. This will make your brand the go-to place when consumers want reliable auto parts

More vital to the success of your online automotive parts store is dedication. Keep putting in the work, and don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more to make it a success. 

Make the customers feel appreciated. Once in a while, announce a discounted sale on cheap auto parts, free shipping, or offer freebies to attract more customers. Creating your website to sell car parts online can be difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t need to. You can always sell through CarPart now and create your website later. Don't put it off another day; start selling now!

By Sam O.

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