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Skoda Kamiq Monte Carlo

Car Reviews  ·  July 22, 2021

Skoda Kamiq Monte Carlo

The Skoda Kamiq Monte Carlo is a small SUV, positioned as the sporty-looking variant of the Kamiq small range. It is the smallest in the Skoda SUV lineup, which it shares with its bigger sibling Skoda Kodiaq featured earlier in this blog. 

Like the other faux sort trims, the Monte Carlo gives the market an aggressive stance with the body kit, sports seats, and large wheels. 

The motorsport badges on the front suggest that the Skoda Monte Carlo has modifications, but that is not the case. At least, not in the way that it alludes. It does have a tuned suspension and lower ride height, but that is mostly it.

Performance & Features of the Kamiq Monte Carlo

The Kamiq Monte Carlo features a 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine which is the same in the Kamiq Limited. The engine (110 kW, 250 Nm) is linked to a dual-clutch automatic as the main transmission. That allows it to achieve 96 kph from zero in 8.3 seconds. It is also relatively smooth and should not cost more than the smaller petrol options when it comes to fuel. 

The transmission is usual with low-speed hesitancy and keenness for upshifting as early as possible. It drives fast and intuitively on the back roads. The Kamiq has a cylinder deactivation attribute that helps the fuel economy during cruising, and it is effective. The combined fuel consumption is at an estimated 5.6L/100km.

The adaptive dampers on the Monte Carlo make the SUV tougher when in sport mode, while the lowered adaptive suspension improves the drive significantly. 

When in comfort mode, it is the same as the Kamiq option, so it is not harsh in any way. It is fun on open roads because of excellent body control and quick steering, and you’ll notice a lot of grip coming from the chassis. Another good thing is that there’s relatively low environmental noise even when driving over poor roads.

Skoda Monte Carlo Interior

The Skoda Monte Carlo has not significantly changed the interior of the Kamiq, which was one of the best in its class. There is a touch of personality from the red trim and carbon fibre inserts that make it appear much sportier than the usual Kamiq models. The door, soft-touch plastics combination, and textured materials have not changed much for the Monte Carlo. The interior quality remains high, much like other premium alternatives in the price range of the Kamiq.

The Kamiq has excellent features within the cabin, including adjustable lumbar support for the driver. The material selection for the SUV is diverse and high quality, with a lot of foam-backed padding on the doors for the elbows and faux carbon fibre ash trim.

The seating is aggressive because of the sporty appearance with open bolsters. The infotainment is a 9.2-inch widescreen that is available with smartphone connectivity. To complete the sensory overload is a premium sound system that includes a centre speaker, rear subwoofer, and external amplifier. 

The rest of the cabin is very ergonomic. The glasshouse brings good visibility from all angles, and thanks to the tall square roofline, there is good head and legroom for both the front passengers. 

Spaces & Boot Capacity

The 400-litre boot capacity of the Kamiq Monte Carlo is slightly low though acceptable for the segment. The high ride height makes it easy to put children in their car seats compared with much lower family hatchbacks.

Customers are treated to large door bins, an oversized glovebox, and a hidden cubby under the steering wheel. Cup-holders and openers for bottles are also in the front area. The rear seats also enjoy two USB-C charging ports and door bins. Storage is one of the areas where the Kamiq Monte Carlo clearly excels, considering the different options offered.


The Skoda Monte Carlo 2018 provides the typical packages that would be present in a premium small SUV. Automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and front and rear parking sensors are present. The SUV also has blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert to help the driver detect oncoming vehicles and individuals from hidden spots. The official ANCAP safety rating is five stars which is one of the highest within its class.

Is Skoda Kamiq Monte Carlo a Good Buy?

The Monte Carlo is an exciting variant of the Kamiq, though its difference from the conventional model is largely skin deep. It has several badges, which seemingly imply that many modifications have been done, or there are many powertrain options to choose from, but that is not the case. 

The improved ride height and the tuned suspension make the drive adjustable; however, that is the extent of the changes. You will find the same engine and powertrain, which would be the 1.5-litre turbocharged unit paired to the seven-speed automatic gearbox. The numbers feel small, but the result is adequate, and we found the drive smooth. 

While in comfort mode, it is quite intuitive and handles well over rough surfaces due to improved suspension. The interior is where the Monte Carlo exceeds the most. Its ergonomic layout provides ample room for passengers in the front and the rear. It also has a full suite of technology packages and storage. 

We do believe that the Skoda Kamiq offers a great value proposition considering that it is priced at $41,290, which is a steal of a deal with its interior and safety packages. 

Skoda offers the Monte Carlo with a five-year unlimited KM warranty though only one year for roadside assistance. The servicing for the model is also slightly more expensive than its rivals at Hyundai or Ford but generally inexpensive at $460 every year. Plus, Skoda offers attractive multiple-year service packages that you may want to explore further for your benefit.

Overall, the Monte Carlo is a good purchase for small families in various environments, whether it is the city or the countryside.

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