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Car Part Suppliers  ·  May 8, 2023


Find used car parts in Sydney or the whole of NSW without stressing! You need a master list and a directory of car part suppliers and auto wreckers – but of course you know that! You don’t? Best to start here then!

This master list includes all wreckers and auto parts suppliers in Sydney, its suburbs, and the other cities and towns in New South Wales, Australia.

We’ve arranged the company names alphabetically, to make it easier to you. You will notice that some names are bolded/highlighted. It means you can click on them and find out more about that establishment, including their history, services offered, contact details, and of course, buyers’ reviews!

NSW is one of the two states (Victoria is the other) with the greatest number of auto parts sellers and car wreckers, so let’s cut the chase!

A - CC - MM - Y

1. 4X4's R Us

73. Complete Spares

145. Mr Ford Spare Parts and Repairs

2. A1 Auto & Metal Recyclers

74. Cortese Prestige Car Services

146. Multidrive 4WD Dismantler

3. A1 Budget Auto Dismantlers

75. Dapto Pick a Part Trade Centre

147. Murwillumbah Motor Wreckers

4. A1 Spare Parts Pty Ltd

76. Dubbo TJM 4WD Megastore

148. Narellan Auto Parts Plus

5. A1 Quality Spare Parts (Sandgate)

77. DDC Heavy Vehicle Spares

149. Narrandera Auto Wreckers

6. AA Auto Dismantling Ford

78. Dmex Auto Accessories

150. National Auto Dismantlers

7. AAA Antouny Auto Recyclers

79. Don's Auto Wreckers

151. New Model Wreckers

8. AAA Automotive Spares

80. East Coast 4WD Spares

152. Newcastle Auto Dismantlers

9. ABCM Spare Parts

81. Easy Spares (Collaroy)

153. Newcastle Trucks & Parts

10. Abco Spares

82. Enfield Spares

154. North Coast Auto Wreckers

11. ACM Parts (Huntingwood, Newcastle, Smithfield, Queanbeyan)

83. Euro Logic Spares

155. Northcoast 4WD

12. Advanced Auto Salvage

84. EuroJap Spares

156. Northern Auto Wreckers

13. Affordable Spares Brookvale

85. Evolution Racing Spares

157. Novo Wreckers Sydney

14. Akwell Auto Wreckers

86. EWT Auto Dismantlers

158. Obsolete Auto Parts Co

15. Albury Auto Wreckers

87. Fairfield Auto Wreckers

159. On Boost Auto Parts

16. All Four X 4 Spares

88. Forbes Auto Wreckers

160. Ozdemir Budget Spares Pty Ltd

17. All GM Auto Parts

89. FordPro Wreckers

161. Oznest

18. All Model 4WD Spares

90. Formaz Parts Plus

162. Pacific Cash for Cars

19. All Parts Auto Pty Ltd

91. Frank’s Auto Parts

163. Parkes Auto Wreckers

20. All Parts Automotive (Riverwood)

92. Fulgi's South Coast Automotive & Dismantling

164. Parts & Panels

21. All Tuggerah City Auto Dismantlers

93. G M S Spares

165. Parts 4 European Cars

22. AllGear Boys Toys

94. Gearbox Factory

166. Parts Central

23. Anywhere Anytime Towing

95. General Jap Spares

167. Parts Navigator

24. All Auto Spares

96. Gosford Auto Dismantlers

168. Penrith Auto Parts Plus

25. APC Auto Wreckers

97. Graham's Auto Spares

169. Penrith Auto Recyclers

26. Arthur’s Auto Wreckers

98. Great Western Auto Wreckers

170. Port Stephens Auto Wreckers

27. Asquith Auto Wreckers

99. Greenacre Spare Parts

171. Queanbeyan 4X4 Wreckers

28. ASV Euro Car Parts (Botany)

100. Griffith Auto Dismantlers

172. Queanbeyan Auto Dismantlers

29. ASV Euro Car Parts (Cardiff)

101. Gunnedah Auto Dismantlers

173. Queanbeyan Auto Parts

30. ASV Euro Car Parts Pty Ltd (Villawood)

102. Hard To Get Bits

174. Repco (Albury)

31. Australia Wide Wreckers

103. Heber & Hunter Auto Wreckers

175. Riverina Allwreck Auto Dismantlers

32. Australian 4X4 Dismantlers

104. HG Auto Salvage

176. Road Tested Spares

33. Australian Truck & Auto Parts (ATAP)

105. Hills Motorcycle Wreckers

177. S Twins Parts Recyclers

34. Auto ICE Parts

106. Hillside Auto Dismantlers

178. Scott's Parts Plus

35. Auto Parts Centre (Ingleburn)

107. Hilux Wreckers

179. Sell My Car Moorebank

36. Auto Parts Locator

108. Hollander Parts Australia

180. SGS Parts Plus (Kurri Kurri & Thornleigh)

37. Auto-Wreck Australia

109. Holmwood & Cowra Wreckers

181. Sogho International

38. B and Z Auto Parts Repair

110. Honbits for Honda

182. South Wreckers

39. Bago Auto Dismantlers

111. Hontoys Auto Parts

183. Southside Auto Wreckers

40. Ballina Car Wreckers

112. Hunter Falcon Centre

184. Spare Parts Network

41. Bankstown City Auto Spares

113. Hytech Parts Plus

185. Speedy Car Wreckers & Removals

42. Bathurst Auto Parts

114. Hyundai Wreckers Penrith

186. St Marys Auto Parts & Mechanical Repairs

43. Bay Wreck

115. Instant Cash for Cars Sydney NSW

187. Subaru Spares

44. BBT Jap Parts

116. Inverell Auto Spares

188. Sublime Bodyworks

45. Beresfield Spares Pty Ltd

117. ISL Recycling Australia

189. Suzi Four Wreckers

46. Big Al Mechanicals

118. J W Fairalls Auto Dismantlers

190. Suzispares

47. Blue Mountains Motor Wreckers

119. JAGworks

191. Sydney Auto Dismantlers

48. Bond's Auto Wreckers

120. Jap Performance (All Tuggerah Auto Parts)

192. Sydney Auto Spares

49. Botany Bay Wreckers

121. Jetis Pty Ltd (Albury)

193. Sydney Bass Auto Parts

50. Brookvale Spares

122. Jetis Pty Ltd (Tumblong)

194. Sydney Car Wrecker

51. Budgewoi Auto Wreckers

123. JJ Auto Parts

195. Sydney Wide European Autos Pty Ltd

52. Buffalo Motor Wreckers

124. JMG Auto Parts

196. Sydney Wrecker

53. C Young Auto Wreckers

125. Just Commercials

197. T.R. Spares Pty Ltd

54. Campbell Spares

126. Kempsey Spares

198. Tarrawanna Spares Auto Dismantlers

55. Car Boneyard

127. King Spare Parts

199. TMG Auto Spares Pty Ltd

56. Car Window Replacement Sydney

128. King Wreck Australia

200. Toyota Camry Spares Pty Ltd

57. Cardiff Auto Wreckers

129. Land Vehicle Spares of Aust Pty Ltd

201. Toyota Material Handling Australia

58. Cardiff Automotive

130. Landmark Auto All Spares

202. Toyota Wreckers Sydney

59. Cash for Cars

131. Leader Jap Auto Spares

203. Trucking Supplies

60. Cash for Cars 24

132. Liverpool Auto Dismantlers

204. Twin City Auto Dismantlers

61. Casula Auto Dismantlers

133. M&I Spares

205. U Wreck Auto Dismantlers

62. CBT Recon Pty Ltd

134. M Power Spares

206. UC Wrecking & Recycling

63. Central Coast 4x4 Wreckers

135. Macarthur Auto Parts

207. Ultimate Jap Spares

64. Challenger Auto Parts Pty Ltd

136. Machinery Drive Wreckers

208. Ultra Cheap Spares Pty Ltd

65. Checkered Flag Auto Wreckers

137. Macksville Wreckers

209. Valley Truck Parts

66. Chittaway Auto Dismantlers

138. Majad Auto Wreckers Pty Ltd

210. Van & Ute Extras

67. Clarence Valley Wreckers

139. Mazford Parts

211. Wagga Car Wreckers

68. Clyde Auto Wreckers

140. Mega Cars Removal

212. Wollongong Auto Parts

69. Coffs Auto Recyclers and 4WD

141. Metro Auto Wreckers

213. Wollongong Auto Supplies

70. Coffs Harbour 4WD Centre

142. Metro Car Removal Pty Ltd

214. Yamba Caravan Centre

71. Commodore Bitz Plus

143. Midwest Auto Dismantlers

215. Young T & C Wreckers

72. Commodore World

144. Mittagong Auto Wreckers



For those listed without links, you can find more about them from our Directory. We hope you find this list useful in locating auto wreckers and car parts in Sydney and across NSW. If you do, feel free to share it with friends and family.

Make parts chasing less of a stress, hunt smart!


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