Auto Plus Wreckers

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Auto Plus Wreckers

You can search Auto Plus Wreckers website for the auto part you need by typing the make, model, and year of your car and clicking "Quick Search". If you can't do an online parts search for any reason, it's a simple matter of calling them, so they can locate it for you. 

Their promise is that they know their auto parts like the back of their hand, so get on the phone now! They have two locations, so here’s how to contact them.

Contact Details of Auto Plus Wreckers 

Auto Plus Wreckers Maddington (serving Fremantle and nearby areas)

Auto Plus Wreckers Welshpool (serving Shire of Murray and nearby areas)

Car Makes & Models

This auto wrecker is a generalist, meaning it deals with all makes and models. To give you an idea, you'll see what they’re currently wrecking on their website. 

You’ll find different model years and trims of the following:

Reviews for Auto Plus Wreckers Perth

Since Auto Plus Wreckers has two locations, each branch has its own set of reviews. Customers mentioned how reasonable the prices were and how awesome the blokes were at Auto Plus Wreckers Maddington. For Welshpool, the reviews also highlighted the affordable prices of the purchased parts.

Overall, these were the comments.

For Maddington:

For Welshpool:

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